11 Signs He Is Absolutely Your Soulmate

It’s hard to differentiate between the good guy and the bad one these days. It’s a mess. When that good one comes along…you truly begin to appreciate the littlest things.

Here’s 11 ways that will tell you if he is the one.


1. He listens to you.

Not just listens to you when you speak, he listens to what you like, what you need, what you don’t like. He knows your favorite flower and that you like them sent to your office. He knows you hate onions so he makes sure when you order takeout they remove them. He takes mental notes so come time for presents, he doesn’t have to ask you what you want.


2. All of his friends already know you and you haven’t even met.

When you have conversations with his best friends for the first time and they say “kid loves you, I haven’t heard him talk about anyone like this.” He’s talked about you to all of his friends, near and far.


3. He talks to his family about you.

They knew the moment he fell in love with you because they were the first ones he called. He texts his mom pics of you and he can’t wait to show you her response. All of his sisters already can’t wait to meet you.


4. You’re comfortable together.

I’m talking sweats and no makeup, cheese in your hair, morning breath comfortable. You not only say anything and everything that comes to your mind but he thinks it’s the cutest things he’s ever heard. When you embarrass yourself and realize your leggings have a hole in the crotch, he laughs and carries you across the parking lot.


5. When you argue, it’s kinda hot.

Your fights aren’t really fights. They’re more heated conversations, you like to push each other and rile one another up just to stir up some extra passion. You’d rather fight with him than make love with anyone else.


6. He’s thoughtful.

Not only does he think about you all day every day, but it’s apparent. He cooks your chicken for you because you can’t cook it right. He buys you a new knife because he doesn’t want you cutting yourself with the knife you bought 8 years ago. He buys your mom flowers the first time he meets her. He’s essentially always thinking about how he can make your day easier.


7. He needs and wants you around.

From grocery shopping to being hungover all Sunday, he wants you by his side. And so do you, even if he’s passed out drunk on your bed, you’re glad he’s within arm’s reach. The most mundane things you do, you’d rather do them together.


8. You’re happy all the time.

Because he knows how to make you smile when it’s the last thing you want to do. He’s the one you text when your Gfs piss you off, he’s the one that comes over immediately because you can’t sleep. When he’s around, no matter how much he annoys you, you’re happier. You laugh harder, longer, deeper than you thought possible.


9. He’s your best friend.

Go listen to Tim McGraw’s “My Best Friend.” That’s all…

10. He loves you and you know it.

You feel it in your bones. In your gut. In your heart. When he tells you he loves you, it’s different than any other time you’ve heard it. You believe it for the first time in your life because you love him right back. And for the first time you realize what people meant by “when you know, you know.”

11. He means what he says.

When he says “love” he means it. When he says he’d do anything for you, he really would…

By  | WhiskeyRiff