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Thomas Nelson
April 28, 2024 ·  3 min read

People Are Piercing Their Fingers And Embedding Diamonds Instead Of Buying Rings

The traditional way of getting married has always been with a ring. Getting down on one knee and then proposing your lifelong bond together. However, this tradition has some competition from a new form of jewelry. The more modernized way of proposing to someone is getting engagement piercings. There’s now a way for you to symbolize your eternal love for each other with this newly trending style.

Engagement Piercings

People have been getting pretty creative with this new concept for engagement rings. Sometimes even removing the ‘ring’ part entirely and just embedding the precious stone into your finger. However, there are some other creative styles that do involve a ring but not in the way you think. This ring loops through your skin with the stone embedded through the loose skin. Not only is this a more permanent fixture to your body, but professionals say it’s not as bad as it seems. (1)

Some piercing experts say that they can be easily removed, swapped out, and adjusted if people are unhappy with results. However, doctors are urging people to seriously consider every risk before getting an engagement piercing. Additionally, you may want to browse through the various type of engagement piercings. There’s more than one style of piercing that you can choose from. Some people like to just embed the singular stone. While others get creative and sometimes include rings that loop through their skin. Some engaged couples like to get the same stone.

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Medical Concerns

There are a lot of doctors and surgeons that are skeptical of this process. Most believe that they are harmless until one wrong move of your finger. If your engagement piercing were to be snagged, it could cause a lot of damage. Medical professionals urge people to be mindful of their piercings on their hands.

“One good snag of the jewelry could start the process of rejection which could take days or months and leaves you prone to infection or bad scarring. The rejection rate is very high and the scarring can be pretty bad.” Explains Adrian Castillo, a professional piercer. (1)

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This doesn’t just go for your hands too. Professionals claim that dermals like this on your neck or back can cause serious issues. Some people’s bodies react differently to body piercings like this. Mostly due to irritation of rubbing against or being snagged constantly. The reason why medical experts are concerned for this particular piercing is because it’s on your hand. One of the more mobile parts of your body that’s susceptible to unsanitary conditions. This doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t wash your hands but more so that you’re at a risk for exposure almost everywhere you go.

“Your hands go in your pockets, purses, jackets, shirts, towels, and all sorts of things multiple times a day,” Castillo further explains the risks of this piercing. (1)

Stud Of Love And Pain

This isn’t to stop you from proposing to your significant other. This is more so aimed towards the risks you would take with this kind of engagement. Although the aesthetic of engagement piercings can be cool, the health risks might not be. In addition to potentially causing tissue damage, the damage of nerves and blood vessels, a migrating piercing, and an embedded piercing. These can all be results from having an unskilled piercer.

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