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12 Undeniable Signs of Chemistry Between Two People

Compatibility between two people depends a lot upon whether or not they have chemistry. The changes in hormones and triggering of neurotransmitters all occur because of chemistry, and it is the first step in realizing whether two people would be happy together. Do you know the signs of chemistry?

Let’s dive right in to the 12 signs of chemistry between two people.

Here are 12 signs of chemistry between two people

Common Interests. Opposites attract makes no sense logically and here is why. Having mutual liking means that two people will always have something to talk about and share with each other. They would also be more understanding of each other’s likes and dislikes.

Understanding of Sarcasm. Sarcasm keeps things alive in a conversation. But it is only appreciated and enjoyed when both people understand and can partake in it. Everyone’s knowledge and likings are different and so is their brand of sarcasm. If two people can hit it off nicely with this, there is no looking back.

Respect for each other. One of the most important signs of chemistry! There should be a mutual respect even in the first meeting. No relationship is happy unless both the partners respect each other for being their own individual.

Being a mirror to each other. When people like someone, they unconsciously adopt certain mannerisms or little tics from them. This so because their mind feels that if they act like the other person, he or she will appreciate them more. If such signs can be observed in the body language of both, that is a definite green signal.

Knowing the little details. When people really like someone, they start noticing the little details that are usually missed in the every day rush. These little things mean a lot when you realize someone cares enough to pay attention.

If they share laughter, that means they are releasing endorphins at the same time. Also it leaves very little to chance of two people are already intimate enough to have private jokes.

And Silences. If there is chemistry between two people, they don’t find it awkward or weird if they spend a lot of time saying nothing at all. They are comfortable just by being in the presence of each other.

Being Consistent. None of us is absolutely truthful all the time. But when two people share chemistry, they don’t find the need to lie to each other as they are trying to know everything about them and vice versa.

Time goes by really fast. It’s a little sad that this one would be one of the signs of chemistry, but time flies! It seems as if the clock’s arms have taken wings when the two of them are in each other’s company. Is someone admits that while being with a certain person makes them lose track of time, there definitely is something going on there.

Each one contributes equally. When both the people are interested in each other, both will invest their time and efforts to make sure this thing doesn’t fizzle out.

Physical contact. It takes being comfortable with each other to have a certain amount of physical contact. Touching each other’s arms or a gentle nudge on the back, anything qualifies when it is not strictly official. It can be initiated by any one and should be reacted to positively by the other.

Signs in a couple. Couples have very different signs of chemistry. Since they are already beyond the touch barrier, they do little things to show intimacy, like a gentle kiss or hug. This doesn’t have any ulterior motive of sexual desire; it is just one of the ways in which they want to show their love for their other half. They support each other and make time for their partners. They also never let their partner feel undesired. And they always try to keep the passion alive. When a couple shares chemistry, they do all these things to keep the flame alive.

Do you see these signs of chemistry between you and someone else?

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