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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 17, 2024 ·  2 min read

Crop tops for men are a thing now — and we’re not sure how to feel

Crop tops, love them or hate them – they’re back! You may have noticed them all over your social media feed, and in stores, too. Strange as it may seem, however, they are also making a comeback for men! Crop tops for men were a thing once? Yup! They really were. And no, it was not only gay or camp men who wore them, it was totally a thing for straight men too! Here is a little more history about crop tops for men!

The history of crop tops for men

The first crop top was not even created for females. WHAT? We hear you ask….well…as it turns out. The crop top we know and love today was birthed from a sport that most of us consider being highly masculine. American Football. Yup! While taking part in the sport back in the 80s, jerseys were always being torn or ripped. Because of this, the player’s bodies were exposed. Their fit torsos helped the sport gain popularity! Thanks to this accidental exposure, players actually started cutting their jerseys on purpose. Soon, brands like Nike started designing crop tops for men, all thanks to American Football. It did not take long for other sports and athletes to pick up on the trend. Everyone wanted people to see their amazing bodies.

Will Smith crop top for men
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The midriff cut extended their silhouette and enhanced the size of their torso and muscles. It was a very masculine gesture, or look.

Professor Vicki Karaminas. School of Design at Massey University in New Zealand

Sport is not the only place crop tops for men made an appearance. You may remember seeing them in some films, too. 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street with Johnny Depp, 1982 film Rocky III with Carl Weathers, and even Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sported a crop top a few times.

Mark Wahlberg

Back to the present moment

Now that we know crop tops for men were not about being gay, how do you feel about them? We are not entirely sure, but that uncertainty is all conditioning! Whether you are gay or straight, one thing is for sure: times are changing! Take a look at some of the tops for men we’ve seen online.

Runcati Workout Cropped Tank Top

“I am personally a big fan of crop tops for men. But it won’t look good on all body types. Men with a little paunch can skin this tee unless you are absolutely fine with embracing your belly fat.

Vikram Seth

We think this crop top is just perfect for a festival look!

Marek + Richard Toxic Goo Crop Tank

This sequence-adorned crop top for men is pretty eyecatching!

Men's crop tops are having a moment - Times of India
James Yates

What the world thinks of crop tops for men

Of course, the internet has its own opinions on this “new” trend. One thing is certain, crop tops are not only for gay men. If you feel comfortable wearing something like this, do it! What do you think of tiny men’s t-shirts and crops? Is it a silly fad or an awesome comeback? Let us know in the comments!