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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 27, 2024 ·  4 min read

Childhood Friends’ Heartwarming Pursuit of Becoming Neighbors Will Melt Your Heart

The world we live in today is a vast place that is growing in population size constantly. In 2023 there are just over eight billion people on this planet. So, when you find a group of friends you wish to spend the rest of your lives with, you should take any chance to achieve this. A trio of childhood friends seems to have done just that. Although we cannot confirm the validity of this story, we thought it was a great one to share with all those who wish to live in unison with their favorites. They grew up together and found a way to be neighbors for the rest of their lives.

Childhood Friends Become Permanent Neighbors

As the story goes, Karen, Joanie, and Sandy had big dreams of living together when they were young. They lived in the same town, and they played together every day. Their parents helped them build matching playhouses where they would pretend they were all grown up and living together. These games would eventually become their reality, but life took them in different directions before they made it possible.

As teenagers, their bond grew even greater. They seemingly attended the same high school, and their fantasy of living together grew stronger. Nearing the end of their high school days, they made a pact that they would never be apart from one another. However, as life would have it, they soon realized they wanted different things out of life. For young high school girls, boys definitely have a great influence. At least, this was the case for Karen and Sandy.

Childhood friends
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Karen managed to find a man she loved enough to get married to, and sure enough, they moved to another town and settled down. Sandy fell in love and went off with him, hoping to start a romantic life together. On the other hand, Joanie desired corporate life. She went off to study at university in the hopes of beginning a successful career. Their dreams of living together were pushed to the back of their minds, yet their hearts never forgot. As time passed, the childhood friends truly believed they might never see each other again.

Life Turned in Their Favor

Many people in their situations would have thought back from time to time on their childhood friends. They would smile as they remembered the good old days but never put too much thought into reuniting. They would tell themselves that it’s normal for people to drift apart as they grow older. Even though this was the case, these childhood friends managed to find a way to fulfill their dream of becoming neighbors.

A few decades passed after they moved away, and Joanie decided it was time to retire from the hustle and bustle of corporate life. She returned to her hometown to find that Sandy and Karen had done the same! Sadly, Karen’s husband passed away, and Sandy had just got a divorce from her husband. They decided to meet up to reminisce about the good old days.

Karen could not help but bring up some old photos of them playing together in their matching playhouses. This reminded them how they made a pact never to be apart and how they had wished they could be neighbors together for the rest of their lives. The trip down memory lane convinced Joanie and Sandy that this had to happen. Coincidentally, Joanie’s field of work was at an architecture firm. This mean they had connections to help them obtain plans for building their houses.

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Childhood Friends Finally Become Neighbors

The most difficult aspect of actualizing their dreams was finding the right plot to build on. However, these determined childhood friends managed to find the ideal location for their houses to be built. Each of them had a tiny house built off-site and delivered to their chosen piece of land. Karen’s home had to be completely redesigned to meet her specific needs. But they eventually managed to get the job done.

Resplendent in canary yellow, Karen’s house radiated the vibrancy of her cherished childhood hue. Mindful of her weak knees, she made a pragmatic choice to have everything on a single floor. In place of a lofted bed, Karen opted for a fold-out sofa, ensuring both comfort and accessibility within her beloved yellow abode.

Next door to Karen’s house was Joanie’s. It was a beautiful sky-blue color that seemed to mirror Karen’s. The only difference was that Joanie’s house had a small front porch for her to sit and drink her morning coffee.

Nestled at the rear of the lot, Sandy’s house boasted a rich burgundy hue, reflecting her profound love for nature. With a thoughtful placement, her home embraced the gentle slope of the land with trees growing on both sides. Sandy’s dream was to wake up each day surrounded by the enchanting embrace of nature.

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