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Jade Small
December 28, 2023 ·  4 min read

76-year-old woman fires back at trolls who tell her to ‘dress her age’

“Dressing your age” has become a complicated force of social norms. So, it’s thanks to those who say, enough with that. They will do their best to live authentically. No more grueling beauty practices or wearing clothes they do not relate to. Women like Candace Leslie Cima, a 76-year-old grandmother and social media influencer. She has made it her mission to help women all over the world accept their aging bodies for what they are. At the same time, she helps them by showing off her style preferences, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase, age is just a number.

Dressing your Age with Candace Leslie Cima

One of the most underrated people in today’s age are the ones fighting for social changes. There are so many expectations placed on each of us from external sources. The kind that forces people to set demanding schedules for their days, that takes away the freedom to enjoy life for its simplicity. Candace Leslie Cima has been a fashion icon for as long as her career has thrived. As a model and social media influencer, she has seen the generational effect of expectations placed on us by society.

Dressing your age with Candace Leslie Cima

She understands how people think they should be wearing clothes fitting their lifestyle. These days, it’s not just about dressing your age. It’s also about your lifestyle choices. Many believe we should choose either to be stylish, a mother, a grandmother, or a career-driven businesswoman. They also think their fashion choices should reflect that. Few believe that we can choose what we want to wear, no matter where we are in life. It is her mission to remove age-based stigmas on fashion.

It’s Not Just about dressing Your Age

Candace is not only a mother and a grandmother, but she is also a hardworking businesswoman, and she wants people to understand they can be stylish while doing everything. “The one thing I know for sure is that Aging is Changing,” she said. “We are not our mothers or our grandmothers. We now have the chance to be productive, intelligent, compassionate, [and] stylish women throughout our later years.”

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She created a blog called “Life In My 70s: Aging Is Changing.” Through this, she expresses her belief about fashion is something far greater than dressing your age or dressing your lifestyle. you can choose stylish and affordable clothes no matter where you are in your life. Candace also wants to help aging women love the inevitable changes that they will go through as each year passes by. She says she loved aging. Instead of fearing it, she embraced it.

Attitude is Everything

Candace is not one to let dressing your age become a limitation in her life. Yes, she has embraced the changes that come with age, and her style may have taken a few 180’s. However, she has only grown as a person and matured with pure grace. One of the lessons that Candace teaches is to learn how to style outfits that are appropriate for your age, no matter your preferred style.

She has many videos on her Instagram where she shows off her outfit styles for what she thinks is the ideal “dressing your age” candidate. She wrote in the caption of one of her posts: “Choosing clothing at an older age can sometimes get a bit tricky. No woman wants to look like she is trying too hard to be young again. But this dress from Target is just the right combination of trendy and appropriate. Sometimes a little shoulder is a better choice than décolletage.”

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Candace says that acceptance is up to you and your mindset. “Attitude is everything, and changing how you look at something can change how you feel about it. Changing how you feel about it can change the outcome… Aging does not mean stopping; it means you now have accumulated wisdom that is unstoppable if you want it to be.”

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