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Jade Small
Jade Small
December 3, 2023 ·  4 min read

Strong Women Would Rather Spend Their Time Alone Than In the Company of Assholes

Human beings are ruled by emotions. The modern world is not one for the faint heart, because there are so many influences that we face throughout each day. When it comes to women, the stronger they are, the more in control they are over their reactions. Emotional strength comes from understanding what triggers negative emotions and choosing to rather avoid those situations or interactions. An emotionally strong woman will choose to avoid assholes who make them feel like lesser beings, preferring a life of solitude over that negativity.

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Emotionally strong women know their worth

A woman who is in control over their emotions is often perceived as being intimidating. This is simply because they know their worth, and they will not settle for anything less than that. They do not crave attention from anyone, because they are self-sufficient and happy to be alone. Anyone who belittles or reprimands them is not seen as a worthy companion. The same goes for relationships. If they feel they are being undervalued or underappreciated, they have no fear of leaving that situation for a partner who treats them like the queen they know they are.

Showing emotion is not a weakness

In today’s age, media has portrayed emotional displays as a weakness. Sadly, many people have fallen into this mindset, and they choose to not showcase their emotions. Even communicating how they feel is seen as a lesser action. This is in particular for the men of our societies. They have been indoctrinated to believe that their emotions should be kept at bay, and showing them is showing your weakness. Their judgemental attitude towards women who do express their emotions has led those women into judging themselves. A strong woman will not allow someone to bring them down, and they will continue to express their emotions the way they see fit.

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An emotionally strong woman knows who they are

Many people crave attention from those they love or think they love. They fear being rejected, but worse, they fear being alone. They end up taking on various traits that they think their partner will love, and behaving or dressing in certain ways for the same reason. This is not conducive to personal growth. Living in any way that is not true to you is only going to hold you back.

Strong women know who they are, and they practice self-love every day. They see no point in being with someone who undervalues them or tries to change aspects of them. Being alone for the rest of their lives seems more appealing than trying to change for someone. They have the mindset of “take it or leave it,” which works perfectly for them.

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A strong woman chooses great friends and expect the same from their partners

This point links in with all of the previous points. They are supportive and appreciative of anyone who treats them the same way. They see the tragedy in undervaluing their friends, so they have no tolerance for bullies. The same goes for the relationships they choose, honoring those partners who can communicate clearly, rather than letting their emotions bottle up and explode.

Furthermore, they maintain their sanity. If their partner is making them doubt aspects of themselves, they see that as unhealthy. No one should be made to change strong aspects of themselves. Those are the parts that should be respected, and nothing else. Mutual respect is what they strive for when it comes to dating.

A strong woman will not chase

A meaningful connection between two people should be one based on mutual feelings and respect for each other. Some women find excitement in “the chase,” as it has been dubbed in movies and romantic novels. However, a strong woman does not see any worth in chasing someone. It means that person is not emotionally available, nor are they ready to be in a relationship. If one does engage in a relationship with someone like that, it will be unbalanced and the furthest thing from healthy.

An emotionally strong woman will foresee the trauma that usually comes from an unbalanced relationship. They would rather wait it out as a single person until the right partner comes along.

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