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The Image You See First Reveals How You Face Inner Conflict

We have an image today that will define a part of your character, specifically, how you deal with conflict. The human mind has been a conundrum since the dawn of civilizations. Seers, philosophers, and many a scholar have tirelessly worked in efforts to understand how we think. As well as the reasons behind various behaviors that are seemingly out of character….and those within.

An interesting part of the mind is the subconscious, the part that holds many a mystery, even to ourselves. On the extreme side, we occasionally experience tragic and traumatic events, and so often our minds push away the brunt of the experience so that we may continue to function in everyday life. It does not go away, however, it remains within the subconscious, lurking, and waiting for a moment to leak out. This is when we experience those random impulses, and we behave out of character. 

Subconscious GIF

This is not the only part of the subconscious plays, but throughout each day we are experiencing a myriad of stimulation to each of our five senses. Your mind would reach an overload if it had to process everything all at once. So, it loads it all up into your subconscious, to be stored as a part of your memory, and it is called upon later. Like how the smell of sun lotion sends you right back to those perfect Summer days. The subconscious memory plays a big role in our perceptions, our memory, and many other facets of our mind. 

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The subconscious and Conflict

Psychologists and psychiatrists have pondered on the subconscious mind since the early days of science. Sigmund Freud and Herman Rorschach were two psychoanalysts that helped define the difference between the subconscious and the conscious mind, and how each plays a crucial part in how we perceive the world. 

Symbiology and imagery are great ways to trigger the subconscious, and we often see different things, which reveal a part of our personality. In this image, what you see reveals how you tend to deal with conflict. By conflict, we don’t mean just the aggressive kind, we mean general confrontations. Take a lot, and see what you see. 

Conflict image what do you see woman or trees?


Did you See the Woman?

If you saw the woman at first, then you are a person with a headstrong character. You do not shy away from conflict, in fact, you face it with tenacity. This works well for you, because you have a strong sense of what is right, and you want everyone to benefit from it. Emotions are felt deeply for you and being as confident as you are, you find it hard not to express how you feel. As they say, you wear our heart on your sleeve. Being so expressive can also be detrimental for you because you might struggle to avoid reacting emotionally. A decision made in the heat of the moment is never a wise one. 


Did You See the Trees?

You might be one of those who saw the trees at first. In that case, you are much more introverted,  preferring to observe and process information quietly. When it comes to your emotions, you feel them deeply, but you prefer to keep that to yourself. You do not share very easily, for fear of becoming burdensome. This is not the healthiest method, because you become your own burden by holding so much within you. 


Contrary-wise, This ability to remain inward, helps you to see things from a different angle. Because you do not wish to express yourself, you are able to avoid reacting emotionally. Your objective view on things helps you to progress because you are not clouded by your emotions of it. 

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