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Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson
February 23, 2021 ·  1 min read

F*ck That: The Hilarious Guided Meditation For Realists That Actually Works

This 3 minute guided meditation uses humor and a bit of straight talk to motivate and inspire you to do almost anything! Be warned, there is some strong language in this article, because a guided meditation titled “fuck that” is making meditators around the world chuckle.

“You’re here now, in this place, with your inner-stillness. Those bitches can’t get under your skin. They can’t even.”

I’ve got to tell you, this guided meditation is hilarious. Even though I was amused by the meditation, I was still able to get all the benefits of meditation out of it.

On top of that, it can actually calm you down for a few minutes and help you shake off all the negativity you accumulate throughout the day.

We could all use something like that. The stress of working with a stubborn control freak, the headaches and muscle tension from carrying so much responsibility, the worries about not being able to be the strong one forever- they are things that each and every one of us experiences at some point. And yes, it is exhausting.

Without a way to relax and let go of those negative influences, we will never truly be in the moment and appreciate what we have around us. There is more to our lives than the bad. But we could sure use someone or something to help us see that for ourselves now and then.

The video below by Jason Headley is only around three minutes long, which is great for people with short attention-spans, like me. So sit back, close your eyes, and politely tell the world to f*ck off for a few minutes.

It’s time to find your happy place.

Try the Fuck That meditation

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