Petroglyphs carved in rocks by the Navajo and Hopi native American tribes.
Sean Cate
Sean Cate
May 3, 2024 ·  5 min read

Native American Elders Explain Why America’s Time is Coming to an End

Native American Prophecies, wisdom, and culture have been forgotten by many in the world. However, these concepts are deeply rooted in the blood of today’s Native tribal folk. According to Hopi elders, one of those prophecies is the end of America.

Hidden Truths

Most people know by now, the story of Thanksgiving didn’t happen exactly how we were taught in school. The truth about the United States of America is one that caused great bloodshed and turmoil for the Natives. Once thriving off the land, long before Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims, and other settlers arrived. Although many details are skewed regarding the number of deaths, etc., one estimation is that the population of Natives dropped from nearly 60 million to only 800,000. Resulting from discrepancies over land.

Pueblos Vs. Reservations

Few tribal lands are still owned by the Native people, called pueblos or reservations. Interestingly, pueblos and reservations have one major difference. Pueblos are villages residing on land that has always been possessed by tribes like the Cheyenne, Apache, and Hopi tribes. At the same time, reservations are villages that have been moved by the US government. Essentially, “government-appointed land” that has been set aside for Native tribes.

Native American Prophecies Administer Warning

In 1990, Martin Gashweseoma and Thomas Banyacya, Hopi elders, commented on Native American Prophecies. One major warning, America’s time would be running out. These Hopi elders shared in a documentary about the Native American prophecies and the beliefs of their people. The elders lived in a traditional village at the time of their interview.

The last on the Hopi Mesas in Hotevilla, Arizona. Most people see the desert as inhospitable, vast, and dry. However, the Hopi and other Native tribes have survived off the land for generations. A fact that they subtly explain will be America’s downfall.

Natives have a reputation for living off the land. They are known to live in harmony with Mother Earth, experiencing a sense of freedom and peace unimaginable to most modern Americans. Therefore, unsurprisingly their Nations view Westerners’ inability to survive the wilderness as a partial cause for the Native American prophecies.

The downfall of US civilization is attributed to a “loss of spiritual connection” with our planet. Most, if not all, of the remaining tribes and villages in the US, have a long-standing belief, “that to live on Earth in peace we need to give more than we take and be in a symbiotic relationship with the planet.”

Native American Prophecies Ignored

Many skeptics would argue that the increase of natural disasters, is merely a coincidence. However, according to the Native American prophecies, these disasters, such as floods and melting glaciers, are all part of the prediction. Unfortunately, for around the last 300 years or so, Native American prophecies have been ignored. However, despite merciless suffering at the hands of settlers, the Hopi nation has still issued a warning.

Diving into an explanation for the Native American Prophecies in an effort to undo the damage we’ve caused. Additionally, and hopefully, regaining balance between Mother Earth and her residents. Although the Hopi tribe, and others have fought for equality and respect, or remained peacefully living off their designated land, they have been undeniably ill-treated. Forced to conform to Western culture and medicine, wrongfully imprisoned, kidnapped, forced to attend American schools, and in most cases, had their land stolen from them. Therefore, their wisdom comes from a place of immense pain, and boundless connection with Mother Earth and the Universe.

Native American Prophecies Come to Fruition

Regardless, many are still skeptical about the accuracy of the Native American prophecies. Other examples of the Native American Prophecies coming to fruition are the UN and WW1 and WW2. A final occurrence predicted is the “separation from nature.” Garbage floats around our highways. Food is being mass-produced in factories or on large farms. The annual wastefulness of the average American is alarmingly high. There is an imbalance in our relationship with nature. Moreover, the Hopi and other Native American prophecies believe mineral mining like coal, copper, and uranium has created disruption. Disruption to the “covenant with the Creator.

Seeking Out Nature

We continue to leave our roots in nature behind. Moving forward to create more plastics, we continue to wreak havoc on nature. Furthermore, relying on factories or corporations brings us further from nature. However, seeking out nature is the first step to restoring balance.

Look around at all Mother Earth has provided for us. By visiting and treating with respect, the ecosystems that function just miles outside our large city limits, we can find ourselves surrounded by the wind in the trees, hills of wildflowers and berries, and rushing water from melted snow on the mountains.

Respectfully Restoring Balance

The most important aspect of regaining balance is respect, treating the Earth with decency. The elders warn that by extracting so many natural resources, the US government and other officials have, “stirred the underground serpent.” The ancient Native peoples focused their lives on committing to caretaking. Replenishing the land from which they harvested crops, thanking the gods for providing for the needs of the tribes, and treating living beings with kindness, only taking what they need and got becoming consumed by greed.

“The results will be played out in our lifetime. “In a world where rulership can be seized by the strongest army, fulfillment of our trust as caretakers requires that we learn how to place wisdom in power,” explained a Hopi representative. Because of the mass genocide, and isolation placed upon the Native people throughout US history, there are few influences who know the ins and outs of restoring balance to the natural world. Few elders will be left to teach anyone “to talk with the clouds.” An adorable but also helpful, resource for parents who want to take action is a book called,The Other Way to Listen.”

A story in which a young child looks for guidance from an elder regarding to how to communicate with nature. There are plenty of eerie coincidences that may give people a reason to be openminded to the accuracy of Native American Prophecies.

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