Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
November 9, 2023 ·  3 min read

Only Those With Sharp Vision Can Spot the Bat in This Brainteaser

When it comes to keeping your mental capabilities ship-shape, there are very few methods more appropriate and fun than a brainteaser. You can play them while with a group, or you can enjoy them during your alone time. No matter who or when you engage with them, it guarantees a workout for your brain, while being quite an entertaining passage of time. There is really no way you can lose while solving a brainteaser!

Moreover, mind puzzles also come in various types. Some test your visual capabilities, while others are more dedicated towards your reasoning powers. Other areas that brainteasers may require are lateral thinking and math skills. Today’s brainteaser, however, is all about how good you are at paying attention to what you see! In other words, it’s all about your vision skills.

Brainteaser: Find The Bat

Before we get into the brainteaser, courtesy for which goes to Lords and Labradors, here is a bit more about what you are getting into. This particular one belongs to the sharp vision/analytical subgenre. Currently, the internet has shown an immense interest in this subgenre. The task is simple. Look at the image below of all kinds of cats, and locate the singular bat among them! However, before you start, there is an added challenge. You have to complete the task within 28 seconds! So have your timer ready once you are prepared to take a look. Ready? Here’s the image:

Brainteaser to find the hidden bat.
Image Credits: Lords and Labradors

As easy as it sounds, you have probably experienced first-hand how difficult it is. It becomes much tougher than it already is when you factor in the time limit. However, fret not, just give it your best shot!

Did you spot it? If not, don’t worry, we have the answer right below! Now that we have come to it, if you feel like it, you can also attempt to spot the bat without the time limit. Just scroll down once you are ready to see the answer. Here’s the answer:

The hidden bat encircled
Image Credits: Lords and Labradors

Bonus Puzzle

If you found the last one entertaining, then we have another similar brainteaser all prepared! This one’s creator is Betway. The task is almost the same: go through the picture of autumn leaves below and find the singular brown acorn. This time too there is a time limit of 28 seconds. Ready with your timer? Then, here is the image:

Brainteaser to find the hidden acorn.
Image Credits: Betway

This brainteaser is especially tough because the leaves come in all shapes and sizes, some are just as tiny as the acorn. Moreover, they are all some shade of brown and ochre. Honestly, if you manage to accomplish the task within the time limit, you have vision and attention to detail worth boasting about!

Did you manage to find it? If not, once again, we have the answer ready right below this passage. Do note that according to the creator, the majority simply gives up out of frustration and trying too long. Of course, there’s a different sense of happiness when you do find it! So give it another go without the time limit! If you are ready for the answer, then here it is:

The hidden acorn encircled.
Image Credits: Betway

So, how did you fare on the two brainteasers? Let us know in the comments below! Also, here are some more puzzles and teasers that you may find enjoyable:  


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