Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
August 22, 2023 ·  2 min read

What You See First Will Reveal Your Dominant Personality Traits

Personality encompasses everything that makes us, us. It is extremely personal, and singular- and people with the same personalities usually end up being great friends with each other. But, how would someone understand the personality of a human? Although there are no strict guidelines or tests that could decidedly talk about the personality of a human being, there are a few tests that could highlight the personality of an individual- one being the Rorschach Inkblot Test.

Let us remind you, none of the tests are absolutely conclusive- and some of them can also give incorrect information. Today, therefore, we have a personality test- just for entertainment purposes. Nevertheless, it can be the first step in your way to truly understanding yourself, and your identity. So, with all that aside, take a look at the image below and keep in mind the first thing that you notice:

What do you see first in this image?
Image Credits: Brightside

The First Image You See Will Tell You About Your Personality

1. Girl

If the picture that you see is of the girl, then you probably exude a very mysterious aura and possess a charm that would endear you to others. You might also have a very distinctive and imaginative creativity. Although you are not the best person to talk about your emotions, you are not really averse to sharing them either. You can fall in love, and you can learn to trust others. 

2. Skull

If you see the skull, it means that you are extremely caring, soft-hearted, and sensitive. You also are quite an empath, and have a solid understanding of the feelings of others. You could very well be the friend that everyone goes to when they are in need of some practical, sensible, and good advice. And let’s not forget, you can also be quite generous to those who are in need. One of your best qualities is to not be pigeonholed into an opinion- you like to be flexible. 

3. The background

If you are looking beyond the edge of the surface into the background, it signifies that you are unselfish and considerate towards others. You are also pretty passionate about the things that you love. There is also a major possibility of you having a good sense of humor- which you love to use all the time. Looking at this image also implies that you are pretty adventurous and active. Many individuals hover around you because you are often the life of an event. 

So, which personality type are you? Write to us in the comments below!