bowl filled with used teabags
Chloe Crawford
Chloe Crawford
April 20, 2024 ·  2 min read

5 Surprising Hacks That Will Change Your Life Using Tea Bags

The majority of us drink tea, and throw away the soggy tea bag without a second thought. But wait! There are things you can use them for! Here are 5 amazing things you can do with them:

1.) Stop that bruise!

Okay so you aren’t as graceful as you thought and ended up bashing into a sturdy object. You know you are going to have a gross bruise but could really do without the hassle and the pain. Now what? Well it turns out that tea contains tannoids which constricts blood vessels and reduces swelling and inflammation. Soak a black tea bag in water for five minutes and place against the area to minimize discolouration and discomfort. If a bruise does show up, it will be smaller and will heal much faster.

2.)  Super cheap sunburn relief!

Sunburns can be more than a minor irritation, they can be downright agonizing. Luckily, tannic acids in tea can help you to abate that suffering. For minor spots, briefly dip a tea bag in cold water and place on reddened areas. For all over relief, place ten tea bags in a cool bath and enjoy a nice soak.

3.) Heal those winter chapped lips!

Whether it’s from dry air, wind, or winter coldness, there is help for those chapped lips. The antioxidant polyphenols in tea can help repair damaged skin cells and increase cell renewal. Simply place a moistened tea bag on your lips for 30 seconds a day, three to five times a week or when the need arises.

4.) Instant relief for bleeding gums!

Tender gums can be very painful. The tannoids in tea have astringent properties that can help numb the ache and remedy the bleeding quickly. It can also prevent future infections by forming a protective layer over the exposed tissue. All you need to do is place a dampened tea bag on the affected are and gently bite down.

5.) Freshen up that carpet!

Have some lingering odour on those carpets? Good news! Tea leaves absorb moisture which causes those funky odours. Split open an unused tea bag, and sprinkle the dry tea leaves over the rug(s). Let them sit for ten to fifteen minutes (depending on how strong the odour is) an vacuum them up. That’s it, smelly air is fresh again!

Enjoy these five clever uses for tea bags. They are affordable and helpful in ways we didn’t even realize.