These Creative Blackout Blinds Turn Windows Into Gorgeous City Skylines

By Raven Fon

These innovative blackout blinds are the coolest thing on the internet right now, and you can easily see why. They turn your windows into stunning city skylines!

Designed by the Ukrainian team HoleRoll, these unique and creative blinds are made by cutting out small shapes in the fabric and letting tiny shards of light peek through. This creates the appearance of a breathtaking cityscape right outside your home, regardless where you may live.

In the sense of blackout curtains and blinds, these won’t stop all light from coming through. However, it does still keep a room pretty dark.

An excerpt from the website reads:

“Only the most high-quality materials are used in TM “HoleRoll” roller blinds. German fabric has 0% light transmission, coated by antistatic and dustproof stuff, and from the back side it’s glossy and white, protecting the room from heating even in the hottest sunny days.”

For information on pricing and ordering, and to see more photos in their collection, go here.

Turn your office, bedroom or any other room a creative twist by adding these wonderful blackout blinds!

They easily roll up or down to give you the desired amount of light, and they are designed to keep the heat out!

There are several different styles to choose from, and various city sky lines as well! The “skyline’s” the limit.

Or if you’re more into the night sky, they have a starry night version available as well! Very cool!

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