Jade Small
Jade Small
December 20, 2023 ·  3 min read

People are turning semen into jewelry in new fashion trend

With all of the strange and wonderful things this modern world has to offer, not many people have thought about creating jewelry out of fluids from our bodies. One jeweler has found the gap in the market, and her small business is now thriving. She posts videos on TikTok where she creates wearable trinkets that have traces of human body fluid.

Amanda Booth
Image Credit: TikTok/amandaldbooth

Semen jewellery

Amanda Booth started making jewellery in 2021. She has made a living for herself from making jewelry that is personalized in a special way. She incorporates various body fluids and ashes into the creations. The most popular fluid she gets commissioned for is male ejaculation fluid. AKA – semen. Although, she does get requests to make jewelry with traces of women’s breast milk. Moreover, people can send the ashes of their dead loved one for her to add into the jewellery.

Originally, Amanda stuck to the breast milk and ashes, but after a certain request from someone, she got a sample of semen from her husband and she got experimenting. She ended up calling the line of semen infused jewelry, “jizz jewelry“.

According to Amanda, her clients commission her to create an item of jewelry by sending her a sample of their preferred bodily fluid. The samples are then dehydrated before she starts to work with them. Amanda interviewed with Vice, where she spoke about the samples she receives from respective clients. she described the odor the semen gives off. “Fresh samples are one thing, but when they’ve been in the mail for a little bit, I mean… it smells like semen, you know what I mean?”

“We process them at the end of the day,” said Amanda. “Otherwise, we’re sitting in the smell all day, and it’s just… We did it in the morning one day, and it was just like, ‘No, I’m never doing that again,'”

Amanda’s clients

One of Amanda’s clients, Jenna Schatzman, described how her partner reacted to the idea of getting a piece of jewelry made from his semen. Jenna said: “He was immediately intrigued. And thought it would be such a fun way to have something I could wear that is almost as a reminder of our love and sex life.”

Another client of Amanda’s sis called Epsy. She wanted a special piece of jewelry to represent her and her husband’s submissive and dominant relationship. She thought the best idea would be to commission a pearl-shaped-seamen pendent. Epsy described how they sent the semen sample to Amanda. “We ended up opting to have my husband use a condom. And then cut the end off of the condom, to deposit the sample in a specimen tube. We then sealed the tube with electrical tape around the cap, and vacuum sealed it before placing it in a padded envelope, to be mailed.”

Another client called Kurt Duran spoke to Vice via email. “Not going to lie, getting the sample into the jar was quite difficult haha,” Duran said in the email. “It took us having sex twice and two solo masturbations to have enough sample to ship out. It might have been more than she needed but we wanted to make sure she had enough to work with.” 

She went viral!

TikTok has exploded with her videos. More and more people are ordering her body-fluid infused jewelry. Amanda has been receiving more orders than she can make. Furthermore, she made headlines with her jizzy jewelry, attracting even more potential clients to her TikTok page.


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