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Fun Test: What Color Is the Dresser? | The Colors You See Can Reveal More About the Kind of Person You Are

We all remember that infamous dress that made the rounds online. You know, the white and gold/black and blue dress? The internet was divided trying to figure out what the dress’s color really was. Turns out that dress was blue and black. Then before we knew it, a similar optical illusion appeared. This time, it was a fair of sneakers.


Well, there’s a new kid on the block and its breaking the internet once more

A user on Reddit shared an image of a dressing table. And just like the previous times, people had varying opinions on what color it was. Some users are saying the dresser is pink and white, others said it’s blue and grey or pink and mint green. A few even say that the see blue and pink!

what color is the dresser
Source: Reddit (Photo by u/agamiegamer)

What the color you see can reveal about your personality

If you have ever heard of color psychology, you should now! It can show us things about ourselves we do not know. Keep reading to find out what the color combination you saw, means about you.


If you saw blue and gray

blue and gray

Seeing blue and gray likely means that you are a creative person with a positive outlook on life. While you may lack confidence, you want to keep things happy and harmonious in your relationships. both romantic and professional. Sometimes, however, you can have darker moments and moods. You are smart and a quick thinker, being able to look after yourself without issue. But, this also means you can be lonely and distant. Once you can overcome any dark feelings, your mind is rational and open.

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If you saw Pink and White

pink and white

You are probably in Intune with your feminine side, even if you are a male. You have no problems with confidence, always ready to tackle a task with your open and bright outlook on all challenges and life. However, you do often struggle with completing those projects, and this means people often don’t take you seriously.


If you saw Pink and Mint

pink and mint

You are most likely the sort of person people see as nurturing, feminine and healing. People often ask you for advice in life and love because of your soothing presence. You are seen as inspiring and positive and this draws people towards you, you are able to help people turn over their lives and see the good through the bad. Always considered the leader in situations, People who saw mint and pink are also often lucky in money.


If you saw Pink and Blue

blue and pink

Those who love you and who are close to you turn to you for your generosity and leadership. You know that in order to achieve, you need to grab any opportunity by the horns – good things don’t happen to those who sit around. An independent person by nature, you are a quick thinker, and this very analytical mind is what draws people towards you for help. You tend to close yourself off from people, however, so may find yourself a bit of a loner. Feelings are not something you enjoy sharing with people.

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