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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 18, 2024 ·  2 min read

Women On Hen Do Spot Chilling Detail In Photos Taken Seconds Apart

A Hen Do quickly turned from a joyous occasion to an extremely worrying one with just one picture in Scotland. The revelers were attending the upcoming attending of their friend when reviewing a burst of photographs revealed a mysterious figure. The incident took place in Argyll and Bute. The eeriest of the pictures involved the group holding their arms in the air. Some of them even had masks on.

However, when they went back to the picture later, they spotted a small unassuming boy crouching behind a tree stump just beside the group. The group then researched the property and was horrified to learn of a tragic story involving a child. In the story, a child apparently drowned in the lake after sleepwalking into it. The story is not far-fetched since it was apparently even televised by the BBC in 1994.

Who Can The Boy In The Photo Be?

The suspicious boy is possibly related to the BBC’s television film broadcast: “The Blue Boy”. It centered on a 4-year-old boy who lost his life in Loch Eck. Emma Thomspon, an Oscar winner, starred in the film. The filming is believed to have been by the lakeside where the Hen Do photos were clicked. However, that is not the first iteration of the story. The BBC film is a dramatic reenactment of a story regarding a 17th-century inn known as The Coylet Inn. It is long believed that the Coylet is haunted.

The picture of the hen do gathering with the eerie boy at the bottom left.
Image Credits: Twitter | hollydca

In 1994, Paul Murton, the screenwriter of the film, briefly summarized the oral version of the haunting. In his words: “This, he said, was a young child who had been on holiday with his parents in the hotel and he had been sleepwalking during the night. He had strayed outside, fallen into the loch, and drowned. When they found his body it was blue with the cold. Hotel staff had noticed that things like cutlery and plates were often out of place for no apparent reason – perhaps more sinister than that was the fact that they sometimes found wet footprints upstairs in the corridor.

The images are not a new occurrence, however, as they first appeared on the internet last year. There was quite a debate about the authenticity of them. However, users have been taking it more at face value this time. One Reddit user simply stated that regardless of the authenticity of the photos, they will definitely keep them awake for the night.


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