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Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson
December 12, 2023 ·  2 min read

Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town So They Can Retire And Grow Old Together

Chances are, you have had the thought of moving away and being surrounded with the people you love the most. These best friends are actually doing it – building a tiny town of tiny houses so they can live right by each other.

While your ideal “get away from it all” escape may be an island retreat, or mountain cabin in the middle of a forest, these 8 friends had another idea: build an eco-town made out of tiny homes in good ol’ Texas.

A tiny town for best buds

“The cabin designed by architect Matt Garcia cost around $40,000 each and is environmental-friendly. The cabins are designed to be sustainable and make the most of the surroundings.  The four couples named their settlement ‘Llano Exit Strategy’ and are looking to retire on the property,” reports Shared.

We just wanted something warm feeling that would offset the coolness of the metal on the outside. It’s a high-design finish that doesn’t cost a lot of money,” said Matt Garcia, the architect.

The reflective walls and insulated windows ensure the heat is reflected and thus keeping the cabins cool even during summer. The interiors have been made with plywood which has kept the cost of the house low. The slanted roofs have water barrels that can hold up to 50,000 gallons of rainwater.”

Even though they already lived close to each other, they didn’t see each other as often as they liked due to their busy schedules. Apart from the cabins, there is also a large communal kitchen and a guest bedroom for when other friends and family come to visit. There’s large, stainless-steel appliances, including a commercial range and clear-glass fridge.

The black, granite countertop lined with steel stools and a wine rack on either side is the focal point of the kitchen. It also separates the kitchen from the communal dining and living room, where the friends plan to entertain guests.

There is plenty to enjoy outdoors as well, like the beautifully-designed octagonal picnic table and gorgeous scenery.

The four couples still have some work to do before they can fully move in, but for now they are enjoying their peaceful getaways at their tiny town overflowing with friendship.

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