40 Of The Best Comebacks We Found On The Internet

In the current world, Internet trolls are a big problem. And the best way to deal with a troll would be an awesome comeback. A comeback, for those who are unaware, is simply a phrase that is witty, biting, and related to their statement (duh! I know). While it may look simple- it isn’t. It is quite difficult to find a good comeback that will destroy your troll. One also has to realize that the comeback can’t be too long- for people won’t pay attention. So, it should also be sharp, snazzy, and clipped. Feels like a tall task, doesn’t it? Well, we’ve found 40 of the best comebacks from around the web. So, go on, destroy your trolls, and charm your fans.

1. Netflix And No Chill

Image Credits: TenTonFluff | Reddit

2. Sex-ed

Image Credits: johnmory | Reddit

3. High Expectations

4. What Goes Around Comes Around

Image Credits: Sahilnsaan | Reddit

5. Costly Bargain

Image Credits: MoeHockey24 | Reddit

6. Take A Look At Yourself

Image Credits: Kevin_A_Sloth | Reddit

7. Caught Snacking

8. Oxymoron

Image Credits: –DannyBoy– | Reddit

9. Deserved

Image Credits: asianj1m | Reddit

10. Food For Thought

Image Credits: JustDanLee87 | Reddit

11. Necessary Medicine

Image Credits: maaykee97 | reddit

12. Politeness Is Expensive

Image Credits: johnmory | Reddit

13. Highway To Heaven

14. One Step Ahead

Image Credits: lxca34 | Reddit

15. Being Oblivious

16. Not Even Sarcastic

17. Ignorance Is Bliss

Image Credits: perineumoan | Reddit

18. Never Underestimate Your Parents

Image Credits: hwhouston517 | Reddit

19. Ironic

Image Credits: Gerardo_fuentes | Reddit

20. Incognito Mode Would Probably Help

Image Credits: Riyan_Lakhani | Reddit

21. Worrying

22. Polite Refusal…Not

Image Credits: swshx | Reddit

23. Karen

24. Even Netflix Knows What’s Up

25. Very Explanatory

26. We All Have Secrets

27. Humor Is A Virtue

28. “Third World” Mentality

29. A Whole New Word

30. Probably Needs A Dictionary

31. Chasing That Buck

32. Reality Hits Hard

33. No Trust

34. The Fear Of What Can Be

35. Persistent

36. Baseball Team Names Are Weird

37. It’s A Public Forum

38. Surely, It Was A Joke?

39. Mythical Creatures

40. Dad Bods For The Win!


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