Why We Have Friends Who Become Frenemies: Unlocking Past Karma Relationships

Very often friendships end suddenly, leaving one of the people wondering what happened. If one member of a soul group gets stuck in the same old issues, the other one will move on.

My friendships growing up taught me that friendships aren’t just one sided. There must be a balancing of the scales. If you’re the one in need of support during one phase of your life, then at some point you’ll be the one offering comfort to the friends you make. That’s karma. That’s a balancing of life’s scales.

Karma, balance, it’s the way the world works, in both the divine world AND the physical world.

Your friendships, ALL of your relationships for that matter, your family as well are all in your life to teach you balance.  Everyone in your life has been in your life countless times before and will be with you again countless times after your soul has transitioned.  It’s another divine law.  We must be with the same people in each new incarnation.  At our divine level, we recognize those who have been in our lives previously.  It’s why we gravitate toward certain people; because our souls identify with those we love.

Karma teaches us that we still have life lessons to learn and some of us learn those lessons at  a faster rate then others.  Souls that have incarnated many multiple times (old souls) have a leg up and learn those lessons quicker.

“People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”​

​Those really are words that speak of truth. ​The nature of our human reality is that every person we meet or know is there for a reason. Some stay a fleeting moment, others for a while, and yet others for a life time. But one way or another, there is always a reason for knowing the person. They bring something to our lives, or bring something up, and there is often, if not always a purpose or a lesson.

Just like certain experiences are outlined in our soul contract before incarnating, so too are the appearance and influence of certain people. So quite literally, meeting & having experiences with certain people is written in the stars! ​Some of our family members, friends and others are a part of our ‘soul group’ – eternal beings connected to your soul that you reincarnate with over and over, each time playing different roles.

Karma influences which people are in your lives or that turn up at certain times. You come together in order to balance karma accrued from previous lifetimes. The reason for your interactions is to deal with unfinished business. This means that certain people in your life give you the opportunity to earn brownie points and step up the ladder of your souls evolution.

People that come into your life for a reason or a season, if not related to karma or a life lesson, is often something like to offer your guidance and support when you need it. They enter a certain time period or phase in your life. Perhaps there is something that either of you need in your life, and one or both of you can provide it.

No matter how you look at it, coming together gives you an opportunity to share, learn and grow.

Relationships that last a lifetime, which could include family, friends or partners, ​more profoundly act as a platform in which to learn lessons on a grander scale. If you wish to advance in the journey of your soul’s growth, then it is important to recognize the lessons and gifts in your relationships no matter how long or fleeting, accept them, process old emotions, forgive, and be willing to accept, let go with love and move on.

Holding on to bitter or toxic thoughts and emotions and past events only creates more drama and sometimes even new lessons to learn or karma to deal with. Face relationships honestly and take an inventory of the people in your lives and anything you need to work through. Your soul will be glad you did so that you can encounter more positive and enriching experiences in the future.