The Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Likely To Destroy Their Relationship

For those hopeless romantics who typically watch romantic comedies to get their relationship fix, this post is not for you. The reality is, relationships are hard. They can be messy and confusing. With so many different feelings and emotions involved, sometimes, it can be better to be single than tied to someone who you despise. However, some people are prone to ruining their relationships, even when it’s a healthy one, just by being themselves. So, we decided to turn to the stars to shed some light on how people tend to ruin their relationships and how to stop it from happening over and over again.


After careful research, we’ve discovered that depending on your zodiac sign, you could be more prone to destruction in your romantic life than others. Some people tend to harbor resentment which can lead to a breakup, while others are notorious for cheating. Here is the ultimate list of zodiac signs that are most likely to ruin a perfectly good relationship. Please, enjoy this list knowing these are all just generalizations and should never be taken to heart. Everyone is different, but there is still some truth to astrology. Take a gander and enjoy! Because in the end, you may just find yourself at the top of the list of people who are terrible at maintaining a relationship and find ways to avoid it from happening again.


Here’s the signs ranked from most to least likely to destroy their relationships:


24. An Aries Guy Is Reckless And Will Do Something Foolish To End A Good Relationship


Do you happen to have your eyes set on the cute Aries guy? Notorious for putting himself or others in danger, the Aries guy is someone who will be the first to destroy a stable romantic relationship. With only so much that a partner can take, anyone who ends up with an Aries guy needs to be very strong-willed. Otherwise, the romantic relationship is unfortunately doomed from the start. Once a romantic connection is damaged beyond repair, there is nothing either partner can do to salvage the romance. In the end, if an Aries dude wants to maintain a healthy romantic relationship, he will have to learn to listen to his partner and not just do whatever he wants when he wants. Therefore, the Aries guy is someone who can’t help but destroy something that was once so good.


23. For Aries Women Who Get Bored Easily, Finding Comfort In The Arms Of Someone Else Will Likely End Their Relationship


Do you have your gorgeous eyes set on a beautiful Aries woman? In a relationship, an Aries woman is very quick to rush into things. As a result, they often can intimidate the people that they are with, especially men. Tending to want to take control of every situation, Aries women are known to destroy their relationships immediately. Sometimes even before a relationship has genuinely flourished, an Aries woman will create turmoil and drama where there is none. Stirring things up is something that the Aries women can do in an instant. By doing so, she drives seemingly good guys away. While a dominant personality initially is what attracts guys to the Aries woman, sustaining a healthy relationship with such an influential and powerful person, like the Aries woman is much more difficult.


22. Gemini Guys Are Notorious For Cheating Which Leads To An Eventual Demise Of The Relationship


Thinking of getting into a romantic relationship with a Gemini guy? Think again! After being incredibly flaky and unreliable, it’s no wonder that Gemini guys destroy their relationships fast. In addition to being irresponsible, Gemini guys are massive cheaters who don’t make for a healthy romantic relationship. Due to his extreme untrustworthiness, women who end up with a Gemini guy can find themselves questioning him on the regular. Where did he go? Who has he been with? Is he lying? All these thoughts are bound to swarm the girl who dates a Gemini guy. To say that these guys should be avoided seems harsh, but if you are looking for someone who isn’t prone to destroying something good, then search for your guys in other zodiac signs.


21. Extremely Unreliable, A Gemini Women Makes Things Very Difficult For Her Partner To Stay With Her


Gemini women have two very different sides to them. And just like the Gemini guy, they can be incredibly unreliable. Although they can be fun and outgoing half the time. The other half is spent in darkness and negativity. When a Gemini woman is in a romantic relationship, they will make an effort to hide that side of them that they don’t like. However, eventually, all facets of a person will have to come through. And a partner who is unable to be with someone who can act one way one minute and completely different the next is bound to cause a rift in the relationship. For Gemini women, maintaining a healthy romantic relationship seems virtually impossible. With that being said, a Gemini woman will try hard to accept all aspects of herself so that she can find true love.

20. The Sagittarius Man Is More Comfortable With One-Night Stands Than Long-Term Relationships

By not censoring himself, a Sagittarius man is notorious for ruining a healthy relationship any chance he gets. Sometimes he can be very insensitive to his partner’s feelings. A Sagittarius guy can also be extremely blunt which can be a real turn-off to most women. Having the appearance of not caring about how his partner feels, the Sagittarius man is someone who is capable of quickly destroying a good relationship in a heartbeat. Usually, his partner is the one to end things because he lacks the courage to say goodbye, no matter how brutal the romantic relationship is. A Sagittarius guy is someone who is not very good at watching what he says which can result in him verbally hurting his partner without any malicious intent.

19. The Sagittarius Female Will Undermine Any Healthy Relationship Whenever She Gets A Chance

A Sagittarius woman is known to be very selfless. While a Sagittarius female will be her own worst enemy and largest critic, she also may just be the person who can’t help but ruin a good relationship. Even though a Sagittarius woman will lift her partner up and allow him to see his full potential, she doesn’t always do that for herself. Depending on the type of guy she is with, it could aggravate him and force him to leave. Also, the Sagittarius woman is someone who is good at undermining the relationship in general. She has a hard time believing that she is worthy of great love. This insecurity is what leads to the eventual demise of a beautiful relationship with the Sagittarius woman.

18. The Pisces Guy Is A Social Butterfly, Leading Him To Be A Big Cheater

Jumping into relationship super quick, a Pisces guy can reserve his emotions and still be intimate with someone. The Pisces guy is someone who falls for sparks and the initial fireworks. However, when all that illusion finally fades, and a real relationship is about to begin, he leaves because he just can’t handle how he feels. Being emotional is not something that comes very naturally to the Pisces guy. Instead, they find someone else who they have a spark with. All this constant jumping from girl to girl leaves them lonely inside. It can be hard to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t even want a genuine romantic relationship. In the end, a Pisces guy ruins things by avoiding his feelings and seeking comfort in the arms of someone else.

17. A Pisces Women Jumps Into Relationships Quickly, Never Knowing If The Guy Is Right For Her Until It’s Too Late

Do you have your eye on a beautiful, intelligent, and exciting Pisces woman? The Pisces woman is someone who quickly jumps into relationships. Without having an opportunity actually to get to know her partner, a Pisces woman will create a relationship with someone that may end up hurting her very soon. When you don’t give yourself the time to get to know people, you will always attract the wrong guy. Instead, be patient. Wait for the guy who will be a good fit for your personality and lifestyle. There is a forever person out there for everyone. Pisces lady, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being single. In the end, the Pisces woman is her own worst enemy when it comes to her romantic relationships.

16. The Impulsive And Bold Scorpio Dude Is Not Someone Who Stands Idly By, They Go After What They Want

A Scorpio guy is very over the top with his emotions. Consider our favorite Scorpio guy, Drake who fits the bill! Being with a Scorpio guy can be like living in an opera. He is the drama king to your queen. A Scorpio guy can be incredibly intense, and not everyone can take his high-highs and extreme lows. With a Scorpio guy, a relationship can end up being volatile with all his outbursts. These tendencies are a surefire way to put a strain on any romantic relationship. Once the foundation of a relationship begins to crumble, there is no coming back! In the end, the Scorpio guy needs to learn how to control his emotions if he ever wants to maintain a healthy romantic relationship.

15. The Scorpio Woman Can Be A Toxic Partner Since They Are So Emotional

In love, Scorpio women can be pretty terrible. They are doomed to ruin a great thing in a heartbeat. Since Scorpio women are notorious for taking things personally when they are in a romantic relationship they will end up being a little too emotional for most guys. While it can be good to be sensitive, Scorpio women tend to take this to an extreme. When taken too far, Scorpio women end up reading too much into what their partners do and say. As a result, they will most likely feel like they are losing the upper hand. Therefore, they tend to break things off because they feel like there isn’t proper communication in the relationship. While they may refuse to let go emotionally, they will physically leave a romantic relationship that no longer serves them.

14. The Libra Man Is Bound To Overthink Things And Ruin A Good Relationship

Libra men tend to set the bar very high as far as their standards for how they expect to be treated by a partner. Being utterly vain, Libra guys are always doing their part of satisfying you very well. Therefore, they expect the same in return. However, a Libra guy can sometimes be left feeling like they are only going to go out of their way to do something exceptionally nice for their partner if they know they are getting something in return. This mindset is what ends up destroying a relationship for a Libra dude. His inability to be polite is something that ends a healthy romantic relationship. Being somewhat needy, they can only have a successful relationship with a few other zodiac signs. Otherwise, the connection you’ve built will fail. Aside from being so vain, they can be good at maintaining a long-term relationship if they find the right partner that complements them.

13. The Libra Woman Will Ruin Things By Not Being Totally Honest With Her Partner

Libra women love the idea of love and romance. Libra women are notorious for falling hard and falling fast. This deep infatuation you so easily attain with a partner gives you the ability to bounce around from one person to another. As a result, it becomes significantly easier for you to move on with another partner or lover. Also, you are more prone to cheating on partners because you can easily connect with a myriad of guys at one time. Let’s be real, Libra ladies, you are quickly bored because you shine bright like a diamond. And you have a unquenchable thirst for freedom. All of this is a recipe for heartbreak. When things get real, a Libra woman will find herself embarking on an emotional affair with that hot, forbidden friend who has had feelings for her since grade school.

12. Cross A Virgo Man And They Will Leave For Good

Virgo men are always on the lookout for their soulmate and will stop at virtually nothing until they find the one. Virgo men will make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. That is until they feel crossed or betrayed. Famous Virgo men include Tom Hardy, Keanu Reeves, Chris Pine, Idris Elba, and Ryan Phillipe. Somehow, the one thing that is clear is that singledom is something that eventually finds a Virgo man, even if he thinks he has a good relationship at the moment. In the end, a Virgo man is someone who may be naturally calm until they are betrayed by someone they trusted. Virgo men seek perfection, take a long time to complete the most basic of tasks, and are quite critical about virtually everything.

11. The Virgo Woman Will Ruin A Relationship By Being A Know-It-All

A Virgo female is someone who has incredible qualities and character traits. Being extraordinarily idealistic and a killer fashion sense, they strive for perfection in every area in their lives. But most importantly, Virgo women are exceptionally organized individuals. This can cause some tension in romantic relationships. There should be some spontaneity. Not everything can be placed in a box. Feeling and emotions can get messy and complicated. And most notably, dirty people are usually drawn to the Virgo female. As a result, she ends up with a partner who she just can’t stand being around. With a clean home, you want your love lie to reflect the same. It can be very irritating to be with a Virgo female at times. No one, not even a fellow Virgo man, will be able to match the ridiculous standards of perfection that a Virgo female expects in her love life.

10. The Supremely Clingy Taurus Man Is Someone Who Is Unlikely To Be The One To Break Things Off

The Taurus man is typically calm and collected. However, as soon as jealousy rears its ugly head, it’s as if they turn into entirely different people. Because Taurus men love their partners with every fiber of their being, they never want to share their beautiful souls and bodies with anyone else. And sometimes, a Taurus man will have such a vivid imagination that it can end up sabotaging a healthy relationship. Taurus men are known to spiral into a dark depression, exploding all their feelings and emotions onto their partner. Although they can freakout epically and spew out accusations of irrational jealousy that will leave their sweet partners running for the hills, they genuinely mean well. At the end of the day, a Taurus man makes it up to his partner with some intimate bedroom moments.

9. Being So Passive, The Taurus Women Could Sabotage Something Great

Are you a beautiful Taurus woman who can’t help but push good guys away? Being with a Taurus woman can be hard! By giving your partner no room to make mistakes, the Taurus woman pushes a potential soulmate away. Taurus women a notorious for being able to love fiercely and deeply. These women are thoughtful, selfless, and warm. But, the intensity that a Taurus women have can often be incredibly overwhelming to a partner. Taurus women always seem to have trouble letting things go. They also struggle with being understanding and flexible if their partner doesn’t do everything correctly the first time. In the end, a Taurus female is bound to push a good guy away. Therefore, if you happen to be a Taurus woman, consider releasing the stronghold you have on perfection and allowing your partner to make mistakes.

8. The Aquarius Man Is So Lazy He Doesn’t Have Enough Desire To Ruin A Relationship

The Aquarius man is not someone who typically ruins romantic relationships. However, sometimes their sense of self-preservation can get in the way of their romantic relationship. But, for the most part, they are incredibly lazy creatures who prefer to binge watch Stranger Things instead of thinking of ways to ruin a relationship. Aquarius men are able, to be honest with their partners which allows a strong emotional bond to blossom. As a result, they never purposefully hurt anyone, especially a romantic partner. Once an Aquarius man falls in love with someone, that is a relationship that will likely last a long time. In the end, if you are looking for a guy who doesn’t have any commitment issues, an Aquarius guy is really the perfect guy for you.

7. The Extremist Aquarius Woman Has No Middle Ground Which Can Be Hard For Her Partner

The Aquarius woman doesn’t fit into any one stereotype. She is magical, yet grounded. It is in an Aquarius woman’s nature to resist being what others expect her to be. And so she strives to be a non-conformist in every aspect of her life, especially her romantic relationships. No obstacle is too grand for her to handle. This is especially true if she is determined to prove someone who doubted her wrong or didn’t believe in her. The whimsical nature of an Aquarius woman tends to be the envy of many others because although the Aquarius woman may seem aloof, she is fiercely independent and practical. When it comes to love, she is not someone to spontaneously break up a good relationship.

6. Capricorn Guys Keep Their Hearts Locked And Can Be Guarded, But They Also Love Hard

A lot of guys are guarded with their hearts. When it comes to a Capricorn guy, he keeps his heart locked on a whole other level. This is because Capricorn dudes are hopeless romantics who fall hard. When they find someone who is a match, they don’t want to do anything that could potentially ruin something marvelous. The way that they avoid destroying something great is by guarding their hearts. It’s a way to protect their hearts and emotions from heartbreak. However, by doing so, they could end up having a partner leave them because she never actually gets to see his heart. As a result, it would benefit all Capricorn men to learn to gradually open their hearts to the women that they love if they want a romantic relationship to withstand the test of time.

5. A Capricorn Woman Is In Love With A Routine In All Aspects Of Her Life, Including Love

It’s not unlikely to find a Capricorn woman unwilling to try something new! As an Earth sign, stability and routine are vital to a Capricorn female. Capricorn women recognize that true accomplishment comes by way of having a plan and sticking to that idea. However, when a Capricorn female stick a little too much to what they know, usually out of fear, they can crat stagnancy in their life. This becomes especially true in their love lives. To avoid this from being the reason a relationship fails, a Capricorn woman can learn to try at least one new thing at least once a month! Not only will you have a fresh perspective on your love life, but you also get to share the experience with your partner which creates a stronger bond.

4. You Might Think That A Leo Guy Wants To Be Single, But He Actually Loves Being In A Relationship

Leo guys often need a lot of attention! A Leo man who isn’t proud of his woman will eventually look elsewhere for love. However, that doesn’t mean that he hates being in relationships. On the contrary, a Leo guy is someone who enjoys sharing life experiences with a partner. They actually love to show off their partner when they find one worthy of being with them! A Leo guy can make an excellent partner for most women who are interested in a healthy romantic relationship. They don’t typically ruin something good because they are too busy thinking about themselves. As a result, while they may be egotistical, they mean well. With big hearts, Leo guys are the unsung heroes that make us want the attractive barista from the coffee shop!

3. A Leo Woman Needs Attention From A Partner For Her To Stay

Just like the Leo guy, a Leo woman is someone who craves male attention. If you’re in a relationship with a Leo woman, you know that it can be a real challenge. Even though this woman can make you as happy as no one else can, she’ll do it only if you’re able to give her exactly what she needs. Being open is something that Leo women seek in partners. They need someone who can handle her frankness. Therefore, a Leo woman is someone who needs a man that can take her for who she is. A sensitive guy is not someone that a Leo woman would be interested in. Instead, she needs a strong man who complements her strength! So, if you happen to be in a relationship with a Leo woman, give her the praise that she so desperately wants, otherwise, be prepared for the romantic relationship to end!

2. When A Cancer Man Falls For Someone, They Are In It For The Long Haul

Cancer men are never ones to be a fool in love. When they fall, they fall hard. However, they are always cautious. When it comes to romance and love, Cancer men are looking for a real partner! They are attracted to people who carry their weight and are ambitious and driven. Because Cancer guys are fantastic listeners, they are great at being their partner’s biggest cheerleader. With a great sense of humor, it can be tough for a Cancer guy to ruin a relationship that serves him well. As a result, if you happen to find yourself in a relationship with a Cancer guy, he is not someone who knows how to destroy a healthy relationship! That is why Cancer guys are usually the sensitive guys who get all the girls and are rarely single for a long time.

1. The Cancer Women May Be Needy, But She Has A Heart Of Gold That Will Warm Even The Coldest Person

Cancer women can make amazing girlfriends. Of course, they may be sensitive creatures, they are unable to destroy a healthy relationship. Just like the Cancer man, a Cancer woman doesn’t have an evil bone in her body. While they can sometimes be an emotional rollercoaster, they are not intentionally trying to mess a good thing up. In fact, they often know their flaws. And they try their hardest to work on them so that they don’t mess things up in love. Being such family-oriented people, Cancer women bring warmth and pure devotion to any relationship. While they can come off clingy to some guys, other men will see their clinginess as a quirk that they will just have to accept. Being with a Cancer woman is a great way to ensure that your relationship is full of ups and downs and long-term potential!

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