Choose One Card For A Preview Of Your Upcoming Week

Get ready for an “interesting” week ahead! To see what this upcoming week may hold for you, select the card that calls to your soul.

All experiences are for our soul’s growth, therefore there aren’t any negative experiences. Some of these situations are to help us create healthy boundaries for others as well as ourselves.

Which card did you choose? Read below to find out what it means for you!


1. There will be an increase in mystical, magical, and inspirational experiences in your near future. Everything we see, hear, feel, dream and imagine has purpose within our lives. Instead of trying to figure out the meaning(s) behind these experiences, be present as they occur.

Soak them up and allow them to flow organically to you effortlessly. You can journal and write them down and later interpret the messages hidden within these experiences.


2. The wisdom for this week strongly suggests we consciously carry ourself with poise, grace, to be diplomatic and hold ourselves with integrity as we interact with others. While others may trigger us and we may want to react, we must remember all of the work that we have put into our own personal evolution.

We no longer need to be reactive. Embrace a healthy proactive stance when dealing with others. It’s time to take the high road and rise above the pettiness and silliness.


3. Spirit invites you to take a long hard look at one of your current challenges. As you look closer, you might be able to see that there may be quite a bit of distortion and embellishment with the facts at hand. It is possible that someone (that someone may be you) is leaving out some key elements and or is trying to pursue others by altering information to others.

Remember that the truth always comes out and we are held accountable by the laws of karma and by our higher self. Being transparent and honest is not always easy, however, it can save us a lot of backtracking and headache down the road.

Via AwakeningPeople