Pick A Fairy And We’ll Reveal What You Are Attracting In Your Life

Fairies are ethereal spirits that have been referred to as “demoted” angels or servers of wizards. In contemporary tales, fairies are frequently portrayed as attractive and charmed tree spirits who stay secreted from humans.

There are diverse individualities and classifications of fairies, so the one you pick out will tell you what you attract in life.

Look at he three images below and choose the one you feel most connected with.


If you chose…

Flower fairy

The Flower Fairy signifies peace, compassion and love for plainness. You attract persistence and understanding. You’re subtle like a rose petal, so you know how to talk to others in a way that makes them feel upright about themselves or the rough situation they’re in. Nevertheless, others have to treat you with precaution because you can become emotional effortlessly.

Ice Fairy

The Ice Fairy symbolizes strength, boldness, and intelligence. You entice leadership and trials, which suits you seamlessly. You’re a natural born leader who enjoys taking up tough projects and leading a group. The people around you often depend on you to work out hard problems and make swift, smart decisions. You apprehend challenging subjects effortlessly and it takes a lot to upset you because you have a thick skin.

Garden Fairy

You select the Garden Fairy, which signifies ingenuity, resourcefulness, and hilarity. You attract communication and chances. The people around you are overwhelmed by how smoothly you come up with new imaginative ideas and you’re often lost in a fantasy. People have a tendency to trust you and your ideas because of how well you present yourself. You love talking, but sometimes a little too much. You rather laugh than argue. You’re a warm person to be around.

What do you think about your results?

h/t MeowGag