Choose One Colourful Nebula To Discover Your Life Purpose

Every once in a while it is helpful to receive guidance when we are wondering where we are going- or what our purpose in life really is.

This short visual test can give you some dearly needed insight.

Take a look at the three nebulae below, and choose the one you feel most drawn to. Will it be the Eagle nebula, the Orion nebula, or the Butterfly nebula?

Life Purpose Message Number 1: The Orion Nebula

Life Purpose is a Healer: You have come to this physical realm to help others heal. Many times this comes in the way of physically healing people or simply helping them through difficult times and situations in their lives by assisting the heal emotionally or mentally. Whether you choose to be a nurse, therapist, or a holistic healer/intuitive, you are here to be of service to others.

Many times this means that the first portion of your life may be very difficult because you yourself needs to move through the healing process before you can understand it and help others move through theirs. This means that with each difficult experience in your life, you should be grateful to the situation or the people that have provided it. I know this sounds weird, but it is actually great when you can heal through situation and come out on the other side with love and understanding.

Life Purpose Message Number 2: The Eagle Nebula

Life Purpose is a Artist: You are here to creatively make the world a better place. Whether it be through creating music, art, poetry, or creating stories, you make the world a better place by creating beauty in it. Many times the world itself can be a harsh and cold place for those in it. By bringing your artistic skill of creation and imagination to it, you inspire others to be better or simply cheer up their day as they move through the hardships that have made it a bit trying up until the point that they see your work of art. Even in the form of mild entertainment, artistic expression can help people take their mind off of their troubles for just a little while.

This is a great gift to bestow upon another. Many times artists have the belief system that there is no money to be made in the art that they create. However, this is a limiting belief system. More so than ever in the world today, there are wonderful outlets for creative people to make an income. If you find that you believe that you can never live on the money that your artistic expression creates, then work with your angelic team to drill into the core belief systems that are in place so that you make clear them and realize abundance is possible.

Life Purpose Message Number 3: The Butterfly Nebula

Life Purpose is You are on the Right Path – The card that I have pulled is simply to let you know that whatever the life purpose is at this time that you are working on is exactly the right direction you should be going in! The angels are encouraging you to continue on with your present dreams and goals because they are supporting you all along the way. If you have laid your dream aside, then ask your angels to help you get back on track and in alignment once again with the direction you feel you should be moving in.

If you take a little bit of time each day to work on your life purpose goal, you will see that the big picture will come together quickly and bear fruit. By taking time to get centered every day in meditation or prayer, setting an intention for this direction that you want your energy to flow in, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the direction you had and what comes from it! You are on the right track! Keep going!