If You Want An Intense Kind of Love, Fall for the Girl With Hyper-Empathy

Girls with hyper-empathy feel intensely so when they fall in love, they fall hard and passionately.

If you love an empath, you’re in for an emotional ride and knowing their particularities will help you navigate their hearts.


1. They want to explore their emotions to the fullest so they don’t like to feel caged emotionally.


Relationships with empaths won’t work out if you try to cage them in and prevent them from feeling. They need the freedom to feel and express themselves in their own way. But they’re not selfish about it, they’ll also want you to be free to express yourself because


2. They know how to connect from the heart, so they always put respect and honesty first.


If you are dishonest and lie, that’s something intolerable to them because they give you their trust from the start, no questions asked.


3. Their intuition is spot on so you won’t have a hard time communicating what you feel or don’t feel for that matter.


They have a unique ability to feel how others are feeling under different circumstances, so they’ll take your emotions seriously and expect the same in return. Don’t be the one to disappointment them, they usually have enough heartache from dealing with the world’s disillusions.


4. They have sensitive but strong hearts.


They’re more susceptible to heartache but they don’t resent their sensitivity. They believe in always giving their all when it comes to love, so…


5. They’ll always love fearlessly.

They are passionate and intense and you’ll never have to guess if they’re all in or not. If they fall for you, they’ll be committed to their feelings and will openly share their emotions with you.

Your best interest is at their heart. They feel things differently than others. Make sure you validate them and acknowledge when they are hurting.

The girls with hyper-empathy may seem as if they overreact or exaggerate but really, they are just conveying their emotions to the fullest.

They’re amazing people and would give you the shirt off of their back if you give them your heart.

By Brittney Lindstrom

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