Choose A Sacred Flower To See What Kind Of Powerful Woman You Are

This test is quite simple, and although it was designed for women, everyone will enjoy it and the answers can be perceived for either gender.

Simply take a moment and look at each of these three sacred flowers. Then, choose the one you feel most drawn to, or that you like the best.



Now that you have your choice, find your flower and matching result below:


If you chose rose:



You are a Queen Mother. As a Queen Mother, you are passionate about teaching your children the laws that govern the material world. You are a role model for how to get (and stay) ahead. You don’t suffer fools, but you are still generous and empathetic.


Your Flower: The Rose


The rose is the ultimate symbol of feminine beauty and compassion. Steadfast when given proper attention, the rose rewards the gardener with its classic bloom –  fragrant and the most noble of all the flowers. The Queen of Hearts was particularly fond of the rose.


Life Journey: To learn to use power wisely, productively, and responsibly


Defining Grace: Generosity

Challenge To Self: I will share power in a close relationship, and commit to cooperation and compromise.

If you chose echinacea: 

You are an Earth Mother. As an Earth Mother, you are passionate about the earth and the environment. You’re a role model for teaching others about sustainability and healthy living. Your compassion will lead future generations on the right track.

Your Flower: Echinacea

These blooms resemble daisies and come in a wide variety of colors from white to purple, but the word “echinacea” is better known in healthfood circles. The coneflower is actually an herb that stimulates the immune system to battle colds and flu, and has quite a bit of lab research to back it up. Its versatility is rivaled only by its toughness – these little guys are stronger than they seem.

Life Journey: To act as an agent for positive change.

Defining Grace: Hope

Challenge To Self: I will commit fully to a cause, even if it means pledging my time, energy, and money in order to make a difference.

If you chose dahlia:

You are a Wild Mother. The Wild Mother is a breath of fresh air. You are passionate about life, creativity, breaking rules and making rules. You are a role model of freedom and independence, you travel to the beat of your own drummer and have a devil-may-care sensibility that exudes acceptance and an open mind.

Your Flower: The Star of the Devil Dahlia

The ‘Star of the Devil’ dahlia is actually a beautiful mutation on the original dahlia – discovered in the 1800s, the botanist J.T. van der Berg planted dahlia seeds from Mexico only to find the resulting petals had edges that grew rolled backwards, rather than forward. It’s said to have revolutionized the dahlia world, as no other plant had ever grown like it in the wild. A true individual.

Life Journey: Break barriers that restrict the human spirit.

Defining Grace: Justice

Challenge To Self: Understand when the rebel in me is controlling my emotions

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