Discover Your Spirit Animal Based On Your Date Of Birth

While a lot of people are familiar with zodiac signs, only few are mindful that the week in which you were born can also hold special meaning.

Moreover, we learned that the week number of your birth is knotted to a specific spirit animal that will show you things about yourself and will offer life lessons as well.


Find the week you were born, and discover your matching Spirit Guide!


First Week: 1-7



If you were born the first week of the month, your spirit animal is the Mighty Bear.


The individuals with the bear spirit animal often go through waves of high and low energy. The probability is that you desire to devote the winter hibernating. During the summer months, however, you will find outdoors as much as probable.


The lessons your mighty bear spirit animal will teach you are:


Develop your strong point and self-esteem.


Even though it frights you, learn to take a leadership role.


You’re a healer and utilize that for yourself and for other people as well.

Life can be nerve-racking, but you must learn to ground yourself.

Second Week: 8-14

If you were born the second week of the month, your spirit animal is the Graceful Horse.

Having the graceful horse as your spirit animal, it reveals that you have strong personal drive and enthusiasm for life. Your strong inspiration burns like an unending fire. It will carry you all the way through your life, helping you well when projects stall or strategies fail.

The lessons your graceful horse animal spirit will teach you:

Learn a well-balanced instinct and logic.

Pair a gentle grace with your strength to help you through the tough times.

You must learn to master your resilient emotions and control your ardent desires.

Third Week: 15-21

If you were born the third week of the month, your spirit animal is the Soaring Hawk.

Since the hawk is your spirit guide, you have an intense sense of vision and perception. Nothing gets past you! Nonetheless, you love to take your time to look at the big picture rather than hurriedly zeroing in on the truth.

The lessons your soaring hawk spirit animal will teach you are:

Put effort on your connection to spirit world

While your pictorial skills are already overwhelming, still you must improve your focus.

There are times that you must not hesitate to act. Trust your instincts!

Fourth Week: 22-31

If you were born the fourth week of the month, your spirit animal is the Intuitive Deer.

This means you’re extremely subtle, compassionate, and outstandingly instinctive. You also have the notable capability to deal with trials in a graceful manner and you take everything in pace. Over the years, you have come to trust your drives to get you out of dangerous situations.

The lessons your intuitive deer spirit animal will teach you are the following:

Your calmness is not a weakness, so trust it as it will give you strength.

Sympathy doesn’t always equate to empathetic actions. Learn to care for others.

Because you feel things so intensely, you need more time than others do to patch up expressively. You have to be patient with yourself.