Your Weekly Horoscope For September 17

A Mercury-Neptune opposition brings its share of brain fog this week, but overall the vibe is a positive and healthy one. Venus moves into Virgo, where she values perfection. A New Moon, also in Virgo, is therefore the perfect time for a makeover, a new healthy eating regime or a new exercise plan.


Feeling the call of duty? The New Moon encourages you to be less selfish and more conscious of how you can help others. Why not volunteer in some capacity, or simply to take more time out of your day to be kind? It’s that simple.


Get creative with your fitness ideas. You love beauty and grace, so perhaps a dance class would help you tone up? Or how about swimming, or tai chi? Think elegance in movement. Getting fit doesn’t have to involve sweat and grunting!


The New Moon focuses on your home. Think about getting rid of toxins by cleaning the air in your home. You’ll want to improve your environmental credentials too, perhaps by undertaking a lot more recycling.


Make a conscious effort to be less moody – and communicate! You can’t expect other people to know what you want and need from them if you don’t ask for it clearly. Passive-aggressive techniques don’t work now, so just speak up.


During this New Moon, think about how your finances could help you become healthier. Whether it’s investing in a gym membership or spending a little more to buy organic food, put your wellbeing first when you’re considering your budget.


With the New Moon in Virgo, try to let go of your ideas of perfectionism. You’re not perfect, but nor is anyone else. Embrace the good in you, and the good that you do, and try not to fret too much about your flaws. They make you who you are!


Make a spiritual resolution during this New Moon, to listen to your instincts more. Call it your higher self, your guides, your angels or just your own gut feelings – take notice of what you feel, and start to act up on it.


This New Moon encourages thought about your long-term objectives. Where do you want to be this time next year? In five years? What can you do now to make that happen? Detailed thinking is key.


Be brave and put yourself on show in some way. Stop hiding your talents away. Whether it’s at work or with a hobby, open yourself up to both criticism and praise. You’re much more talented than you think.


Travel is highlighted during this New Moon. It doesn’t have to be far – exploring the next town is just as good as a trip across the world. What counts is that you see new sights, hear new sounds and meet new people.


The New Moon vibe helps you to pay off old debts. That might be literally, as in clearing off a credit card, or it might be more figurative – can you return a favour you’ve owed for a long time, or put an end to a long-running dispute?


This week’s New Moon is in your romance zone, so it’s a wonderful time for meeting a soulmate. Even if you’re already in love, you’ll notice a freshness to your relationship now, as if you’ve taken the next step together. Enjoy!

By Kelli Fox | TheAstrologer