Select A Card To See If You Are Being Called To Step Outside Of Your Routine

Sometimes we get stuck in a routine. Even though it might be comfortable and familiar, routines can often be our own cozy downfall.

Like John Steinbeck wrote in East of Eden, “It’s a hard thing to leave any deeply routine life, even if you hate it.”

This weekend we are called to step outside of our comfy routines and thought processes, and keep our minds and hearts open to changes in our lives.

The more flexible we are to changing things up, the more content and pleased we will become with our personal accomplishments, our relationships and our paths.

Look at the cards below, and choose one of the 3 that speaks to you.

Read your message below:

If you chose card 1:

Even though you may feel as if you already are complete with your processes, be prepared to change things up a bit…you will be glad you did. There may be a few do-overs that may surprise you.

Not everything in life is a once-off. Sometimes you get a second, or even third chance. Don’t give up on your goal, but maybe try it in a new and courageous way.

If you chose card 2:

This card has similar energy as the one above. Be flexible, don’t sweat it and remain optimistic as you apply new methods of thinking and doing into your life.

Maybe you are having some issues in a close friendship, or relationship, and you aren’t sure if you are the problem, or they are. Perspective is something that not everyone can shift. If you have to be the bigger person and step aside, be flexible and do so.

If you chose card 3:

It’s finally time to release and let go of the unhealthy and limiting habits, thoughtforms and routines that you know are holding you back from standing in your own power, light, fulfillment and joy. 9 times out of 10 we already have an awareness that we are self sabotaging or that we are limiting our own potential.

Stop being your own worst enemy and start supporting yourself and your ideas. You are way more important than you realize.

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