Palm Reading: What Can A Triangle, A Cross, And A Half Moon Tell About Your Destiny?

Since ancient times, people have been interested in finding out their future.

Palmistry is one of the ways used to predict future. If you have a look at your palm, you will notice that there are certain figures and signs that can reveal some interesting facts.

Carefully examine your palm. What did you see on it?


If you saw this figure on your palm, it means that you have a special talent. You can use this talent of yours to achieve great success in life. Your task is to reveal your talent and do your best to use it in life.

Half moon

If you saw a half moon on your palm, you can boast of having a well-developed intuition. You can literally see the future. You are always surrounded by people who want to know their destiny.


If you have a rhombus on your palm, you are a true adventurer! You love everything new and unknown. You are deeply convinced that risk is a noble thing! No difficulties can ever scare you!


If the life line of your palm has the form of a trident, you can be sure that you live under divine protection and no adversity can disrupt your life.


If there is a star on your palm, it means you have exquisite mental abilities. You could be very successful in science, philosophy, or religious studies.


This symbol characterizes a deeply spiritual person who knows the true meaning of life.


The shape of this figure resembles a rhombus with one caveat. One of the corners of such a figure has an elongated angle and resembles the tail of a fish. If you see a fish on your palm, it means you are a deeply religious person and a believer.

What symbol did you see on your palm? Tell about your result in the comments!