Select A Sacred Circle To Discover Which Of Your Psychic Abilities Is Strongest

Each and every one of us has psychic abilities and these abilities become stronger over time. Some of us need to work at trusting our intuition and for others it comes naturally. We are all born with an internal GPS system that helps us to stay on the path that is for our highest and best good. Paying attention to our intuition can and will help us from making unnecessary mistakes.

To see which psychic ability is becoming clearer and stronger these days, select the sacred circle that speaks to you. For the next week, you will begin to notice how the psychic ability connected with the card you selected is blossoming naturally for you.


1. Clairvoyance
The ability to “see” psychic energy, pictures, and colors. Psychic visions looks different than seeing with your physical eyes. Often it can seem as if you are fantasizing or dreaming. The pictures are usually viewed from your mind’s eye.


2. Clairaudience
The ability to “hear” psychic energy, messages, voices and sounds. Many people hear their name being called by their guides or a crossed over loved one. The voices usually don’t make a physical sound and you may be the only one who can hear the message.


3. Claircognizance
The ability to “know” answers, solutions and information without putting any effort into receiving the information. People with this gift are very good at being able to know a person’s character from the first encounter.

By Laurie Barraco for AwakeningPeople Follow her on Facebook.