Choose A Lucky Symbol To Reveal Your Psychic Message For The Week

Curious to see what this week has in store for you? Well then take a a sneak peek by selecting one of the lucky symbols below to reveal your message. By the way, it does help when we have a head’s up to see what the future may have in store for us so that we may understand at a deeper level what is happening and why.

To reveal your message, select the symbol that your are drawn to and read your message below.

If you chose…

1. The Horseshoe:

1. This week’s energetic influence will be concentrated towards your thoughts and has a light, clear, and crisp feel to it as you view your life from a different and higher more expanded viewpoint. Isn’t it awesome how all of the sudden you see things much more clearly than you did had previously before? The depth you are experiencing is an accumulation of different experiences over the last few weeks. It took this amount of time for you to raise your awareness on a consciousness level. How beautiful the view is from here!

2. The Lucky Coin

This week’s theme has to do with karma and releasing the need to prove your point and or hold others accountable for their actions. You can be sure that spirit is working on balancing out the karma in all situations in your life. You may not understand why things are occurring as they are at this present moment. There always has been a natural order of balancing or evening out the energetic return in our lives. Be aware that we don’t always know where the energetic boomerang originated from when things happen in our lives. The advice for this week is to count your blessings, remain in a place of gratitude, and always try live your life in a place or integrity and compassion.

3. The Clover

This week’s  psychic message for you has to do with your one track mind . You are so laser focused on your goals that you are out of balance and it’s time for a break or time out from your regular busy routine. A well-deserved and much needed Mental Health Day is in order for you. If at all possible take some time for yourself either schedule a day or two off in the near future, and or shut off the outside world when you go home at night time. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you.

Via AwakeningPeople and written by Laurie Barraco