Choose One Of These Beautiful Paintings To Discover Your Strongest Energy

Image tests rely on our subconscious choices. Whether we realize it or not, our underlying traits play a huge role in what we like and dislike. We choose the most comfortable combinations of colors and composition for us, which allows us to make some conclusions about our personality.

Here, you will be presented with 5 beautiful watercolor paintings. Look at them and determine which soothing picture you are drawn to most. Then, discover your strongest energy.

If you selected picture 1 …


Pay attention to the colors that this image consists of: ice blue is diluted with pink and purple, and even shades of red. This means that you start off seeing things from a detached perspective- you are considered “cold and distant” by some. But in reality, you would rather spend your time and energy on something more productive.

Most likely, you do not like routine or monotonous work, and feel the need to “clear your head” frequently. Your strongest energy is your determination and willpower. Remember to schedule time for yourself, and include your well-being among all those other to-dos.

If you chose picture 2 …


You are a natural worker. You are the one who everyone depends on, and who supports the people who need it most. You have even been told you are a workaholic, but it’s not that you enjoy working all the time. The fact is, you feel you have to, or else things won’t get done. Your strongest energy is your ability to keep pushing forward, even when the rest of the world is falling apart around you. Remember that because your energy is depleted quickly, you must restore it as often as possible. Rest when you feel like you need it.

If you selected picture 3 …


You take on several problems all at once. Most likely, you are an active member of your team and even a leader. You are able to work quickly. You have a keen sense that tells you when to say just the right thing, or when to stay silent. Your strongest energy is your attention to detail.

Although you are able to do many things, you can become easily overwhelmed. Also, you become flustered when people interrupt you- if anything distracts you from your go-go-go mentality, you get a bit annoyed. Learn some patience…with others and especially with yourself. No one is perfect.

If you selected picture 4 …


Your natural impulsiveness allows you to generate ideas and complete tasks more efficiently than others. You often try to get out of doing mundane tasks because you believe your time is too valuable. Unless it meets your high standards, you aren’t having any part of it. Rather than paying attention to detail, you see the bigger picture and prefer not to waste your energy on the small things. Your strongest energy is your optimism and motivation.

However, your energy is very unstable, and sometimes you may end up having “too much” of an open mind. Remember to keep yourself grounded and you may experience less chaos in your life.

If you chose picture 5 …


Your are the kind of person who keeps life in separate boxes; You have a box for your work life, a box for your home life, and a box for you personal life. Others have called you a perfectionist, but you consider yourself to just be “picky.” You like things a certain way and there’s nothing wrong with that. Although it may come across as stubbornness. Your strongest energy is your love towards others. Although they might not realize love for what it is, you always have the best intentions at heart.

When you feel like you need to restore some of your energy (because keeping things separate can take a toll) remember to take a walk in nature, or stroll along the beach.

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