What Is Your Spiritual Archetype? Find Out What Drives Your Soul

A Spiritual Archetype is like a spiritual identity. It is an energy that may infuse our being for a given period of time and cause us to feel a particular way within our relationships with people and to the world in general. An Archetype is kind of like a colour filter on a projector. It will enhance particular colours in our soul so hat we can see our true light more clearly.

In other cases, it could be that we take on a very powerful spiritual identity such as that of a highly evolved being.

In my truth, before we incarnated into this lifetime we took on various “Sacred Contracts”. In other words we formed predestined agreements with various of our soul family that we would incarnate in particular roles to co-create circumstances in our lives to inspire greater self realisation.

What purpose do Spiritual Archetypes serve?

In short, by taking on such powerful influences, the Spiritual Archetype helps to shine a light on the true nature of our soul in day to day interactions. For example, we may relate empathically to the Buddha, in which case we may experience a deep compassion for all sentient life and feel exceptionally surrendered and non-attached. Let us be clear though, we are not being the Buddha, we are simply invoking an authentic resonance of our own soul which might be closely aligned to that vibrational frequency.

The Spiritual Archetype energy will stick around in our direct field of consciousness just as long as it takes for us to realise and unleash that frequency of energy within our own soul following which, it will tend to disappear. We’ll lose the sense of identity once that aspect of soul has fully activated and integrated.

So Spiritual Archetypes can be a powerful blessing in our unfolding, helping us unveil key aspects of our being. But let’s remember, the soul expresses itself ALWAYS uniquely in the moment – it doesn’t conform to an identity. If we feel ourselves identifying with one particular energy all the time, its likely that we’re creating an inner ego around that consciousness.

The journey of full unfolding is about creating an open space within, free from all identity and then allowing our true colours to shine forth uniquely and spontaneously as the moment invites.

So as the song goes, let your true colours always shine through.
They are beautiful, just like a rainbow!

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Text adapted from OpenHandWeb