Your Astrological Energy Forecast For August 14-20, 2017

Mercury retrograde is in full swing adding to the bizarre portal energy we are experiencing between the Lunar and total Solar Eclipse. What is lost can be found. What you need to release will become clear. The gateway between what is old and outworn and what is new and life enhancing is wide open. This can be a bumpy ride. Mysterious helpful happenings are all around. Open to the flow of life.

Tuesday there is a tricky push pull aspect between Venus in sensitive family Loving cancer and Pluto in calculating Capricorn. You could be gripped by some deep down family mystery. Perhaps you need to acknowledge your roots, or genetic origins in someway. Maybe you are here to be the one to heal some family Karma that goes back generations.

Pluto is digging stuff up to clear out. This is a good thing. Capricorn is thinking of the future, of the legacy that will be left behind. Think big about the future generations of this planet. What can you leave for them? What message has your life sent? What secrets to a wonderful life have you learned?

On Wednesday, Jupiter in longing for relationship Libra is squaring the emotional Venus in Cancer. Our needs are being exaggerated in some way. We may be overdoing it- or expecting more than we actually deserve, karmically speaking. Don’t be a glutton for punishment. Just don’t be a glutton.

You may get a sudden urge for a big expenditure of some kind. Ask what part of you is needing this thing you think you want. Is this relationship you are hankering for even worth it? Be aware you may make impetuous decisions later regretted. Regret sucks so do you very best to stop and think before you act.

By the end of the week on Sunday there are many helpful supportive connections that will allow you to really be you. Which is good so close to the new moon Solar Eclipse happening on the 21st. Get out and mingle this weekend you may suddenly meet the weirdo for you. Authentic unfiltered self expression is called for now. If you want to align with what is on your highest path you have to be willing to admit what you want.

Major changes are under way for all of us now. You will feel it somewhere in your life. To be clear where all this big change is going down have a look at your own chart, it will never fail to provide you with insight in your life. That’s why you put it together and left it for yourself. If you are not into the learning curve required to understand your chart find an astrologer, like me, we love that stuff.

Godspeed to your successful up-leveling for the next leg of this fantastic journey your signed up for. Take a moment to congratulate yourself for how far you have come. You should be so proud of yourself!

by Hillory SkottGuest writer, | In5d