Can Reincarnation Help Us With Achievement And Explain Our Behaviour?

-By Paul A Philips

It has been said by some that anyone who rejects reincarnation has either not really looked into the subject, not experienced it, or is in a state of denial possibly because of religious or other dogmatic beliefs.

That’s a shame because if, let’s say, people knew that reincarnation is real then they would no longer have a fear of dying; knowing that no such place as hell exists because instead of going there they live on in other bodies lifetime over lifetime. The only hell that exists is that created in one’s mind… Also, there’s no longer having the fear of dying and not existing… 

They would also realize that skills and abilities could be developed over lifetimes… what is it you would like to achieve through having gained mastery over something over lifetimes? 

Evidence for reincarnation is supported by.

1. Early history

Reincarnation had been accepted by ancient cultures all over the world. Examples include, Hinduism one of the oldest religions, Taoism, native Americans, Aborigines, Mayans… 

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2. Evidence of cover-up

Cover-up and denial of reincarnation didn’t really start until the foundation of the Roman Catholic Church: In 325AD a meeting took place; the infamous ‘Council of Nicaea,’ involving church representatives and other religious figures from different countries.

They took the stories describing a mythological sun-god man. Each story had the same biography (born 25th December, virgin birth, started teaching at 12 years old and grew up to be the light, the way and saviour of the world… was crucified and went to heaven…) and from this invented the New Testament Jesus character. Unlike the earlier mythological characters, they claimed that the invented Jesus character had literally existed…

-Now, the point to all this with regard to reincarnation is to do with the heaven and hell part of the story. If people die and reincarnate then there is a serious hole in the plot for the New Testament Jesus story: Instead of reincarnating, people should have gone to heaven or hell…

So, because there was so much money at stake for the church establishment they had to find a way of covering up these pre-Christian texts. So they destroyed the many books documenting the earlier mythological god men to stop people finding out where they got their ideas from, and the texts mentioned reincarnation…

They also destroyed other Gnostic cultures that knew about reincarnation… Then later another meeting was held, the ‘Council of Constantinople’ (and a second meeting) which resulted in authorising condemning people to death for making reincarnation known.

3. Modern day beliefs

Many people today accept reincarnation. Acceptances have come from near death experiences, deep meditation, astral travel, experiments with psychedelic drugs… and from researching the already mentioned documented history.

-Surely, all this evidence seriously begs the question: Can reincarnation help explain human behaviour? Have the missing pieces of puzzle been found through reincarnation when it comes to forming the big picture on explaining human behaviour?

Let’s take a look.


I’ve already mentioned mastery, maybe people of genius are those that have developed extraordinary ability through the help of doing the same thing over many lifetimes?

Or maybe…

Simply, people are better at things than others because they’ve done them before in previous lives.


Do we relate to certain people so strongly because we had been with them in previous lives..?


Maybe people are lesbian, gay or bisexual because of past life influences or perhaps couldn’t decide what sex to chose for the next incarnation…


Could this have come about through past life influences? Can past lives explain why some of us are able to get over certain traumatic experiences while others, having had the same thing happen to them do not and develop mental disorders?

-These are just some of the things that suggest reincarnation has been at work. I hope that this article has given the reader a few useful and interesting insights.

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