4 Handy Crystals To Help You Manifest Anything Your Heart’s Desires

So you’ve set your intentions, you’ve visualised your dreams coming true and you’re doing everything you can to make them happen. What’s left to do? To amp up the manifestation process, here are four nifty crystals to help you achieve all your goals…

Summon money with citrine

Citrine, and other golden crystals, are the perfect gems to help you manifest abundance and money. They also promote happiness, creativity and power. Hold them in your hands during meditation to harness their energies.

Attract love with rose quartz

This pretty powerhouse opens up your heart chakra, allowing you to welcome love into your life. Whether it’s romantic, familial or self-love you’re after, pop a piece of rose quartz under your pillow to increase the love vibrations in your life while you sleep.

Enhance imagination with iolite

Iolite will help you manifest your dreams by opening your mind and heart to your true desires. With its added confidence-boosting properties, you’ll soon feel that no goal is too big.

Feel lucky with aventurine

Known as the stone of opportunity, aventurine can bring fortuitous circumstances into your life. While there are no shortcuts for hard work, this striking gemstone will certainly help you on your way to success.

Via SoulAndSpiritMagazine