The Secret Psychic Ability Of The Empath

In this article, we discuss empath psychic ability. An empath is someone who has the intellectual ability of empathy. Empath feels the physical pain and emotions of others more than their feelings. The feelings come out as anxiety as the empath becomes over stimulated with emotions.

What Does This Feel Like?

Empaths can be very sensitive to energies that surround them. Being in public places can be devastating for empaths, as the energies of other people surround them, the empath falls under tremendous stress and inner conflict. It’s like a barrage of emotions drowning them.

The emotions are very confusing, the empath does not know what is going on, he/she may try to own these feelings by trying to understand why they feel these strange and confusing emotions.

How Empaths Take In Information From Others

A genuine process of an empaths ability, nobody knows. There are many theories out there to explain. Not every empath has just one ability, the psychic abilities of an empath can work as one big psychic ability.

Can you Become An Empath?

Like many other psychic abilities out there, no one is sure why such abilities are in existence, how they work, or why someone has them and another does not. One theory suggests that it’s a genetic transference since most psychic abilities run in the family.

Edgar Cayce states that psychic abilities are results of a soul going through many incarnations.

Another theory suggests that psychic ability may have a connection to people who have gone through a near-death experience (NDE). The individuals who have returned from death have found a doorway between the physical and spirit realm.

How One Can Cope With Empath Psychic Ability

An empath who is inexperienced may become overwhelmed with emotions that do not belong to them. It’s tough to distinguish which emotion might be theirs and which one is not.

That’s why it’s paramount for empaths to have a companion who is aware of what may be happening, they can confide in them without any judgment. Sadly people with psychic abilities feel isolated for being different.

Techniques To Ease The Pain

There are many techniques out there that help empaths to minimize or balance out their empathic abilities.

One of the most efficient methods is meditation, and empaths can use it to understand their empathic and psychic abilities. Many resources help such as this one.

Essential Technique For Controlling Empath Psychic Ability

One of basic technique for controlling empathic abilities is visualization.

This exercise starts off like this;

1. Close your eyes picture two volume switches; one switch is labeled “me” and the other “everyone else.”

2. Turn your volume switch to the max, and the switch for everyone else all the way down.

3. Do this as often as you can; these switches will stay in position as you practice more often.

4. Do this when you are out in crowds or if you feel overwhelmed with emotions.

To Live As An Empath

Empaths need to learn to lessen their personal reaction to any information received. This skill comes with a lot of practice, and sooner or later empaths will be able to tell which emotions are theirs and which ones connected someone else.

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