5 Unique Traits Of A Powerful Intuitive Empath With Heightened Sensitivity

The first step in your Empath journey is to correctly identify yourself as one.

How do you know if you are an empath? What are the character traits of an empath? How does an empath act in relationships? These are excellent questions to which you must know the answers if you are to thrive as an

I have developed five categories of characteristics that empaths often exhibit to help you identify whether you are an empath.

If you identify with one of more of these character traits, it is likely you have some empathic abilities, but if you relate to all of them, then it’s safe to say you are a powerful empath with heightened sensitivity.

Character Traits

The empath often exhibits some character traits that are connected to his or her empathic abilities. These character traits are not only found in the empathic portion of the population, but they are more distinct and pronounced
among empaths.

First, the empath is highly sensitive. This does not mean the empath is emotionally weak or anything of the sort. Rather, it means that your senses are tuned into others’ feelings in a stronger way than the average person. Empaths can determine what another person is feeling simply by looking at or talking with them.

Empaths are also very intuitive because of this sensitivity. They can distinguish emotions in others based on very little input. Therefore, they seem to have an uncanny sense of what other people are feeling. Sometimes, they
also seem to know what it going to happen before it occurs. For example, you might be able to predict the outcome of a conversation with great precision.

This intuition in empaths sometimes draws them into the metaphysical realm to become psychics and soothsayers. Even if they decide not to enter the spiritual realm in that way, empaths find they can use their intuition to their

Besides being sensitive and intuitive, empaths often have highly-tuned senses. If you can hear or see better than most other people; you might be an empath. Empaths are constantly searching for information about the world
around them, whether it be visual, auditory, emotional, or spiritual. This allows the empath to pick up on cues and occurrences that other people usually miss, such as hearing conversations from across the room or hearing a door open when the noise level in the room is crowded with people’s conversations and laughter.

The way that empaths constantly seek information about the world around them leads us to the next character trait of empaths: an inquisitive mind.

The empath asks questions about why things are the way they are, and looks to answer those questions. As a result, the empath usually has a deeper understanding of his or her world than the average person.

The last character traits exhibited by many empaths are creativity and imagination. The empath is often highly imaginative and artistic. He or she participates in some type of writing or art, if it is possible, because he or she is
compelled to create and express what is bottled up inside.

By Rozella Hart [Excerpt from the book Empath: Highly Sensitive Person’s Handbook for Mastering Your Gift, Setting Your Boundaries & Thriving in a Chaotic World]