The Crystals You Need To Navigate This Mercury Retrograde With Ease

What does it mean when Mercury goes retrograde and how can you use crystals to manage this event in the best way possible?

Despite the term “retrograde” – Mercury really doesn’t move backwards, it just appears to. Lasting just 3 1/2 weeks, that’s enough time to help us slow down and readdress some issues in our lives. So why do people get concerned about Mercury Retrograde?

The planet Mercury rules all types of communication and traveling – speaking, the written word, contracts, homework, deeds, leases, wills, cars, travel schedules, etc. It also handles HOW communication occurs, which means it also affects computers, cell phones, all types of electronics.

When Mercury is at rest, which is what a Retrograde is, these areas can suffer.

On the positive side of things, Mercury Retrograde is asking us to relax a bit, take time to enjoy life, and to pay closer attention to the little things. Been working on a job proposal or an important paper? Go back and look things over to make sure every detail is correct.

Here are some of our go-to-stones during Mercury Retrograde. While they can’t help what happens due to the retrograde, they can help you and the way you’re able to manage issues more positively.

Black Tourmaline – Black tourmaline is a grounding stone that helps you to let go of fear and anxiety. Staying grounded helps you to handle issues and situations in a more positive manner.

Tree Agate – Tree agate allows you to be supported by Mother Earth, whose roots extend deep into the earth. This allows a healthy flow of positive earth energy to move freely through your body, providing support to allow you to work through any issues in your life with more ease and confidence.

Amazonite – Helps you to have harmony in the way you communicate with others and to allow you to express yourself with sincerity that comes from the heart.

Rainbow Fluorite – This stone is known for it’s ability to help with mental clarity and to allow the wearer to stay focused and on task. A good stone during the retrograde for those who often feel mentally “foggy,” it also helps you to pay attention to those little details that are so important during Mercury retrograde.

Jade – A stone of wisdom, Jade helps you to communicate, whether it be by voice or through the written word, with wisdom, thus avoiding potential pitfalls.

Do you have a favorite stone to use during Mercury Retrograde? Leave a comment, we’d like to hear from you!

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