What Exactly Is A Soul Tattoo & Should You Get One?

A tattoo is a big investment. 

This is an obvious statement; after all, it’s ink that is permanently etched into your skin, forever available as a conversation topic for strangers on the bus and relatives at family parties to annoy you over.

But a soul tattoo is an even bigger investment. Take the emotional and psychological decision of a regular tattoo, and then multiply that by about twelve.

@WadulisiWoman via Instagram

That’s a soul tattoo.

Here’s a description of what a soul tattoo is, via Minka, a therapeutic and healing center in Brooklyn:

“Soul Tattoos are intuitively channeled hand poked tattoo designs, with each design being one-of-a-kind and personal for each individual. In these sessions Ashley combines tarot, astrology, numerology, sacred symbolism, and/or animal medicine to intuitively navigate to the core of each individual to design their Soul Tattoo, to be then hand-poked on the body with Reiki energy.”

“This work goes back to the tradition of the ancient ritual and art of tattooing, before the machine, tramp stamps, your ex-boyfriend’s name, or americana designs. These delicate tattoos give a deeper meaning of symbolism and soul, a connection of one’s spirituality and art. Each Soul Tattoo session begins with a tea, smudging, and tarot or medicine card reading.”


In other words, soul tattoos are designs that you curate with a professional to personally describe your journey, your being, and your origins all at once. The experience is deeply personal and seems to be really cathartic. One woman shared her soul tattoo journey with Refinery29, describing the process in detail.

“After the reading, Ashley and I discussed the tattoo design. She envisioned a woman leaping toward the sun; I’m a fire sign and have always been drawn to the sun. But my rising and moon signs are water signs, enforcing my struggle for balance. I flipped through Ashley’s book of illustrations and chose a design that called to me.

She tailored it to my reading on the spot: a woman’s head sprouting with a fern for grounding, a rose for self-care and love, and a sunflower for my deep-seated love of the sun’s warmth. On her right palm, an eye for awareness and intention. In her left arm, the sun and the moon as one to represent balance, and some light numerology in the sun’s rays for added personal touch. While she worked, I played Khruangbin, one of my favorite bands, and we talked like old friends. Ashley’s energy is simultaneously calm and powerful. She’s spritely but easy-going. Being with her felt like floating on water. I left a new woman.”

Here’s what her tattoo ended up looking like:

@WadulisiWoman via Instagram

If you’re still a little confused by the whole thing, check out Ashley from Minka’s Instagram. She has a whole inventory of soul tattoos she’s helped curate for people, and when you scroll through you start to get why people are obsessed with them.

Now all you have to do is get a reservation to make a soul tattoo – that shouldn’t be stressful at all.

Main image by @wadulisiwoman via Instagram
Written by Caroline Claire Burke for PoutandAbout