Personalized Weekly Horoscope For Your Zodiac Sign: 17-23 July 2017

This is the time to express your ideas at work.

It’s a busy week, with Mars and the Sun both moving into Leo, and this may lead to drama and a need for attention. The New Moon sees you feeling decisive, self-confident and self-motivated – this is the time to express your ideas at work. Expect the guy in your life to give you all the love, admiration and support you need right now.

Mars, the Sun and the New Moon are all in Leo this week, and this puts emphasis on your finances – it’s time to become more organised. You want to make some changes, but take care – don’t make any rash decisions. Love-wise, your judgment might not be at its strongest… Be careful.

Mars, the Sun and the New Moon are all in your own sign this week – this should really re-energise you and inspire you in everything you do, from work and socialising, to your burning-hot love life. Your career could benefit from interactions with friends.

As Mars, the Sun and the New Moon move into Leo, this is the perfect opportunity to spend time thinking about the past year, and what you want to do going forward. Face your fears – you’re a strong, brave woman, who can achieve anything and everything you set out to do. Follow your heart when it comes to the man in your life.

This is a fun week. If you feel you are doing too many activities, perhaps now is the time to decide which hobbies you need to let go. This will give you more time to concentrate and benefit from the people who are most important to you. Your main focus now is on your friends, not your relationship.

With Mars, the Sun and the New Moon all moving into Leo, your career should be your main focus. You want action, so take the initiative and put your ideas out there. But don’t be too impulsive – think carefully and listen to experts before you make your move. Your sex life becomes more intense this week. Romance is likely, but not if you let jealousy get the better of you!

Travel is very likely for Sagittarians right now. A romantic holiday with your guy would be your first prize but, if you’re single, then going away with friends offers great possibilities, too. Use your spiritual beliefs to widen your horizons and guide you. 

This is the start of quite an intense week, as your finances come under close scrutiny. Examine your investments and see what needs to be improved to make you financially independent. Pay off debts and collect money owed to you. Love is playing a prominent role this month and, as long as you don’t let jealousy creep in, you’ll be able to rely on your guy for support. 

This week is all about your influence on others – especially the guy in your life. Romance is high on your priority list, but you need to consider if you are dominating the relationship. This also applies to your business relationships and friendships.

You may feel uncertain at the beginning of the week, so don’t make any drastic decisions. But don’t worry – Mars, the Sun and the New Moon are all about to re-energise you. Concentrate on work and projects that need to be completed. Your guy is offering love and fun sex ­– take advantage!

With Mars, the Sun and the New Moon all in Leo, you’re focusing on pleasure. You’re ready to take a few risks regarding your love life, just be careful. Enjoy the romance, fun and your renewed creativity. This energy doesn’t come along often – let it flow!

It seems your home is the focus of Mars, the Sun and New Moon, which are all in Leo. This is the time to transform your family relationships and negotiate a property deal – whether it’s buying, selling or renting – as your financial acumen is sharp and no-one will compromise your inner values.

The move of Mars, the Sun and the New Moon into Leo helps you to communicate better, and the more up to date you are with the latest technology, the easier your life will be. Romance is very possible, but are you giving the vibes you really want him to feel?