Your July 12th Horoscope: Get Ready!

Your home life might be changing around a bit!

Today’s astrological transits start out with the Moon moving through Aquarius into the sign of Pisces at mid-day (EST). There is a question between your emotional needs and romantic endeavors. This is not general flirting that encompasses your relationships right now. There is a gentle need for love at this time. The transformation between action and structure is in question as well. Your home life might be changing around a bit!


You might be in need of a rest or vacation. This is a great time for you to chant-it-up in your own schedule. You have a lot of pressure that needs to be released. Your career life might take second place to someone or something else at this time. Yellow is your power color!


This might be a day where you feel like you are putting one foot in front of the other. It’s not a day where energy is super tipped either way. You are possibly in conversation with someone or feel blocked from contact with someone at this time. A great day to get in touch with your true emotions! Finances might be the main focus right now!


There is a great deal of love going on around you. You might feel a bit more emotional today, instead of the general fancy-free sign that you can be. Communication is on your side today! Reach-out and say hello to your sweetie or the person on your mind!


You have a lot of harmonious energy settling down and cooling you at this time. You might feel a bit more dreamy or lost in your own head today. A great day to go to the spa or spend near a body of water! This lessens the intensity of the last few days!


You have a great romantic style, and you might be in a traditional courtship at this time. Dating life and social events are on point at this time. Schedule time for beauty and upkeep routines today! Arts and creative events are a wonderful possibility!


You might be in touch with your gentler side today. You are in a harmonious space with your loved ones, and you might have spiritual opportunities presenting themselves today. Embrace this sweet space in your life! You might be truly in love, and surrounded by kindness at this time!


Appreciation is your word of the day! You might be growing from the spiritual level. You might be involved in traveling or on a great adventure. You are in a moment in life of true appreciation for this transition! Meditation and yoga are your friend today!


The Moon is in a more sensitive harmony with your own sign. This evens out the intensity of the last week or so. You might need to take a dip in the pool to cool yourself down. A great time to take a break from society. A great day or night to order in and pamper yourself!


This might still feel like a give and take between your needs and the needs of your loved ones. You have a lot of competing energies right now, and romance can be one of those strings being pulled. The Moon is in competition with your own energy today. Your partner or friend might be in need at this time! Navy Blue is your power color today!


There is a great energy and harmony with the Moon today. You might need to focus on your softer side right now, or need a bit of contemplation with a partnership or family member. If arguments have taken up your past week, this is a great time to reach out and catch up with people. Apologies are accepted, or waiting on one!


You are in a great position for communication. You might be in discussion with others about your self-expression. This is a great time for those involved in writing, creative arts, and fashion. Your ideas are expanding, and the possibilities are all on your side! Opal is your power stone today!


Today is being quite kind to you! Any tears you have might be tears of joy as opposed to anything else. This is a great time to pursue a romantic interest or allow yourself to be pursued by someone out of your normal realm. Aqua is your power color today!

By RICHA SHARMA | SpeakingTree