Ancient Planetary Connections To Your Day Of Birth- Which Planet Influenced Your Personality?

Depending on what day you were born, a certain celestial body could have influenced your personality traits. Maybe it was the Moon, or perhaps it was Mars. Each planet or body carries certain aspects and energies with it, and can bring out the best (or the worst) in all of us.

Do you know what day you were born on? If not, that’s okay! We can help you find that right here. Just click on this link, and a new window will open up, asking your date of birth.

There’s an old saying that goes like this:

“Monday’s Child is fair of face, Tuesday’s Child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s Child is full of woe,
Thursday’s Child has far to go,
Friday’s Child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s Child works hard for a living,
But the child born on the Sabbath Day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay.”

Interestingly, the ancient Babylonians made a choice to organize their calendar around 7 days of the week, with individual days corresponding to one of the seven planets visible to the naked eye. It’s important to note that some of the ‘planets’ aren’t planets, they are celestial bodies or luminaries.

For a deeper understanding, CafeAstrology proceeds to break down what each day is represented by:

Monday (lundi in French) is ruled by the Moon. “Monday’s child is fair of face” might refer to the sensitivity and youthfulness associated with the Moon.

Tuesday (mardi in French)  is ruled by Mars. “Tuesday’s child is full of grace” might be more aptly interpreted as full of energy and movement.

Wednesday (mercredi in French) is ruled by Mercury. “Wednesday’s child is full of woe” might be interpreted as a person who worries or thinks too much.

Thursday (jeudi in French) is ruled by Jupiter. “Thursday’s child has far to go” might thus be interpreted as a person who will travel and learn.

Friday (vendredi in French) is ruled by Venus. “Friday’s child is loving and giving” might refer to the Venus nature, that is, a person who is loving and receptive to love.

Saturday (samedi in French) is ruled by Saturn. “Saturday’s child works hard for a living” thus might refer to the Saturnine nature which is rather serious and responsible.

Sunday (dimanche in French) is ruled by the Sun. “But the child born on the Sabbath Day is fair and wise and good and gay” might refer to the magnanimous Sun nature.

Astrologers generally pay more attention to the ruling planets in a natal chart. That is, the planet that rules the sign on your Ascendant and the planet that rules the sign of your Sun. For example, if your Ascendant is Aries, Mars is the ruling planet of your Ascendant since Mars is the natural ruler of Aries. If your Sun is in Taurus, then Venus is your Sun’s ruling planet since Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus.

Planetary rulers of the days of the week.

Did you find out anything interesting about yourself? Do you agree with this ancient system? Let us know in the comments!