June 17, 2017 ·  4 min read

5 Ways To Tap Into Your Limitless Spiritual Energy Field

Energy, in all of its forms – wealth, joy, youthfulness and divine inspiration – is abundant and endless. But sometimes life sends us roadblocks and challenges that can make us feel isolated, disconnected, and even alone.

In these less than desirable times, our energy can seem limited or even depleted – but this is just an illusion.

We all have the ability to turn up or down our energy vibration based on the thoughts we choose, the emotions we feel, the actions we take, and our alignment with our soul.

But we need to learn to get this vibrational level right.

For example, assume for a moment there is an aspect of you – your higher self if you will – which is so profoundly powerful, that you vibrate at such a high heat that you could potentially melt the sun.

Or at the opposite end of the spectrum, when you radiate a lower energy field and your vibration is too “cold” your body can’t function at the desirable level.

Therefore, to effectively harness spiritual energy, your vibration must be raised consciously, diligently, and with understanding, discernment and wisdom.

Not only can you reverse a “low-energy” state when you work with and connect to your higher self, but you can also amass great benefits such as wealth, joy, youthfulness and inspiration in doing so.

And so I speak to your innate wisdom to remind you of what you already know. Just as you train your body by physical exercise, and you train your mind through reading, creating, and problem solving – your spiritual attributes also need to be “exercised” too.

Someone who’s never lifted a weight cannot pick up 250 pounds at first, but can with training.

Someone with no business experience cannot build a Fortune 500 company to start with, but can gain the experience needed to do so by diligently applying themselves.

Therefore, someone who seeks to tap into their spiritual energy, connect with their highest self and unravel the mysteries of their life’s purpose, may stumble at first, but given the time they will succeed. Including you.

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To get you started, here are my top five steps for tapping into your powerful higher self’s energy:

1) Acceptance

See time as a friend.

A true connection with your spiritual energy cannot be forced. Your highest self is wise and uses time to guide you. Embrace time as an old friend designed to protect you from doing too much too fast – or from straying too far off course before it’s too late. It is more a matter of receiving than chasing after.

2) Meditate – Daily!

Meditation helps to equip you with the innate ability to master a wider range of energy fields. It makes your mind and energy stronger and prevents you from getting sucked into other people’s negative energy – such as a draining and confrontational co-worker at work, for example.

When you take the time to quiet your mind and all of its negative stories – the only thing left is the truth. And from here, you can tap into stronger energy fields, such as those radiating from light and love.

3) Practice Yoga

When I had to rebuild my body from a broken place – I studied all dynamics of fitness including martial arts, Pilates and advanced performance training.

And after over 15 years of diligent practice, study, and perfecting training methodologies with hundreds of clients, I can truly say if I were forced to choose one discipline – it would be yoga.

Yoga helps to discipline your mind, and it trains your nervous system so it’s easier for you to process spiritual energy.

I strongly recommend that you practice yoga twice a week.

4) Laughing and Crying

Laughter and crying are two of the greatest gifts given to us.

Both enable us to heal, purify and release blocks that would have otherwise lowered our vibration. This in turn makes it much easier for us to tap into a higher level of spiritual energy.

5) Consciously Practice Self-Love

With every loving and nurturing thought you give yourself, the closer you are to the truth, as the endless stories, patterns and traps of your mind are never real.

But the funny thing about illusions is that they are made to feel, seem, and look real enough that they are never questioned. All of the negative self-talk is a lie – so stop feeding off it today.

Never doubt how truly awesome you are. You deserve love, and lots of it – from yourself. And as soon as you can give yourself more love, you’re much closer to tapping into the amazing energy that your higher self holds.

Therefore, as our energy is constantly in motion and changing, our connection to our higher energy field is always changing too. So to ensure we maintain a healthy relationship, we must choose our thoughts, emotions and reactions wisely.

By Ryan Angelo for FinerMinds