8 Signs You Have a Psychic Child

Many of us are born with a sixth sense. Some have it stronger than others. And no one has it as strongly as children, whose innate openness to the world makes them much more susceptible to the vibrations of the universe and a sixth sense.

These metaphysical gifts are like anything else that is genetic. Your brown eyes, your thick hair, your pale skin – and your psychic abilities – can all come from a psychic in your family who came before you. Many first discover their abilities in childhood. You might not even know you have it in your family as many families may have suppressed it as signs of the devil or other social concerns. But as it becomes more mainstream, others are paying attention and more and more children are “psychic.” So how can you tell if yours is one of them?

1. She has an imaginary friend

Does your child talk to someone who isn’t there? This is very common, but if your child is actually talking to someone who IS there, but you can’t see them…. Well that is another story. Test it by asking your child to describe their friend. If there are details that strike you as period specific or otherwise eerie, they may be talking to someone or something that is actually real. A tape recorder or digital recorder might pick up sounds you can’t if you place it in your child’s room as well.

2. He has vivid dreams


We all have dreams, but those of us who remember them are much more likely to be connected with the universe. If your child dreams of being outside his or her body, that is a strong, strong sign of abilities.

3. He is an empath

An empath feels other people’s emotions deeply. An empathic child might be unusually good with animals or seem to sense when you aren’t feeling well. Since empaths tend to take on a lot of energy, they often want to be alone. If this is your child, it could be a sign.

4. She just “knows” things


If your child knows who is on the phone (with no caller ID) or where you are going on a trip when you haven’t told them, either you’ve got a great snoop on your hand or someone who possess a hidden psychic talent.

5. Someone in your family had abilities (or you do)

Since these abilities are passed through the generations, if you had a grandmother who could read tea leaves or a great grandmother who knew what every telegram would say before it arrived, then it makes it more likely that your child could have inherited those gifts.

6. He is afraid of the dark

Being afraid of the dark is a common childhood fear. But it could also mean that when the lights go out, something is happening that scares the child. Maybe they see something adults cannot. If they say they do, believe them.

7. They talk a lot about dead loved ones

Children who can speak to the dead will often start with seeing loved ones. If your child talks a a lot about deceased loved ones randomly or without provocation, they might be actually speaking to them or communicating with them or seeing them. Especially if they mention dreams.

8. They talk about past lives

Some children know things about the past they just shouldn’t know. They could be remembering a past life. It wouldn’t be unheard of. If this is the case, ask your child questions. See if you can dig for historical accuracy. Maybe they can truly remember.

sasha brown-worsham | DestinationAmerica