Are You An Empath? 4 Types of Narcissists All Empaths Should Look Out For


I am an empath. And I am a natural born healer. I feel the pain of others and I value people’s trust. And because of that, some people take advantage of that trust. I just discovered I am an empath after being involved in a destructive break up of a narcissist relationship.

An Empath has the ability to sense and absorb other people’s pain and often takes it on as though it were their own. They show kindness to other’s and they can be fully trusted. They love to give advises telling you the good and bad of certain things or situation in which you as a listener can fully make a right decision because they are really good at it, that’s why they are called  natural born “Healers”

On the other side, a Narcissist has the ability of manipulating other people. That’s why narcissist and empath always attract to each other, mostly unaware of their opposite personalities. Narcissist offer love and care more than the empath in which they can fully control them in time.  When the empath will be truly conviced, the narcissist will become more powerful controlling them causing the empath will retreat into a victim status. When that time comes, there is a very big change between the two of them – the empath will take on the narcissist traits as they become too dependent with the narcissist creates, failing to realize that the narcissist are takers. When something bad happens, the empath are there to be blamed and it will cause confusion and just plainly focus on their pain and fail to see where the damage is coming from.

By reading this article, you will learn how to identify these different type of narcissists not just to protect yourself, but to help you how to make decisions in their presence:

1.  The victim

Narcissist at first glance, are not always confident by nature.  they are quiet and reserved. they are often motivated by fears of being loved. They always share their tragic experiences on their past relationship and how they are being abused from their partners.

2. The perfect lover.

Narcissist has the perception of being a great lover, thinking that no other person can do these such things except them. They are super caring, they flatter you, give you gifts, and make you love them. As soon as they have you, they use you until they are no longer interested. They eventually cast you aside as boring. These people are often “gold diggers” as well.

3. The elitist

These kind of narcissist believed they dominate others. They have this kind of superiority attitude believing they are better that anyone else due to their backgrounds, talents or wealth. An elitist narcissist are braggers, and feeling they are on top,the most beautiful person ever, the best among the rest.

4. The malignant

The malignant narcissist is somewhat same as psychopaths. They don’t feel remorse on their actions even if it’s a bad thing. They just make decisions on what they feel. Their ID personality is more aggressive even if it breaks the law. These kind of narcissist can often be found in prison and rehabilitation programs.

Via LaneLimani