Most Powerful Gemstones and Crystals For Relieving Anxiety, Stress, and Worry

The following gemstones and crystals are the most powerful for calming anxiety and bringing deep inner peace. If you have anxiety, nervousness, or generally intense energy, use these as tools in your breathing meditations or carry them with you. I even wear mine as an amulet!


This is the BEST anti-anxiety stone! It’s actually micanized lithium and when used regularly can help prevent depression and boost mood.


Use this for mood balance and raising energy to balance brain chemistry. Hypersthene does it all – helps with ADHD, Autism, Mood Disorders of all kinds, and helps bring on restful sleep too!

Amethyst point

Amethyst is the peace stone for opening up your Crown Chakra and connecting you to your spirit guides who can calm your energy.


Amazonite works to steady your voice and help you speak articulately and calmly under pressure. This is a major stone of the Throat Chakra.

Blue chalcedony

This is a powerful stone for for anger management and forgiveness. This is the stone of reconciliation and inner peace, alignment with the highest good of all. Very gentle vibration.

Green rutilated quartz

This is the stone of the grounded healer. This gem helps ward off panic attacks and holds the power to amplify intentions, healing, and grounding, and increases circulation of Life Force.

Clear quartz point

The stone of magnification, intensification, sealing of spells or intentions, and holding sacred space. This point will amplify the properties of all the other stones in this list.

Do you have overwhelming stress and anxiety? Try meditating and breathing with these stones for soothing relief and clarity.