May 10 Full Flower Moon In Scorpio Brings POWERFUL Energy Shift Through Darkness

Last month, the Pink Full Moon encouraged us to get up and go. All the activity that takes place in nature during April lays the foundation for what springs forth in May (April showers, and all that). So you may notice some of the choices you made last month showing results now. The next step? Nurture those budding developments.

Crystal B. from CrystalBAstrology says this about the upcoming powerful Flower Moon on her website:

“The steps leading into where we go next are contained within the mysteries of May’s Scorpio Full Moon taking place on May 10th, 2017. It marks another turning point time when important decisions will need to be made.

Full Moons, after all, are about completion. Something in our lives needs to evolve and either close out or be taken to the next level.

Situations or things, likely unexpected, will probably be delivered to our doorstep. My reason behind saying that is because Scorpio is a sign that always delivers. The end result of what comes out of its deliverance is not necessarily always something we are eager to receive—but it’s a necessary component.

First and foremost, let’s not be so fearful of my misunderstood Scorpio. Instead, let’s dive in and really try to understand its energy so we can use it to our advantage. One of the keys to understanding our situations is to actually open up the door and let some light in. And that’s precisely what a Scorpio Full Moon does.

A Full Moon in Scorpio lights up the dark and lets a little light shine in on something we’ve been missing.

Expect to see its power, beauty and darkness all emphasized to the fullest with the Moon ripe in the darkest sign of the zodiac.”

Deep within you is a movement, a stirring…. Let the energy of spring call it out of you. Be aware of how you utilize power, give it away, or hide it in mediocre tasks to avoid your real work. This is also a time for a fresh perspective or a new learning endeavor, go take that class or buy that book you have been wanting to pick up. Continue on with your spring cleaning, releasing worn out clothing, or anything else that resembles and older version of yourself. You are a new being, possibilities have been ignited and now is the time to witness them and honor the blessings they are trying to birth into your world. If you do not love it let it go, donate it, sell it, or gift it to a friend. Space can be filled with things you cherish and will also provide more room for spirit to reach you.

This is a Moon to release yourself of all the illusory realities where your ego keeps you dwelling in fear. This is a time for you to stop being afraid of who you are and instead of using your power to destroy yourself, use it to heal all the pieces of you that have felt broken lately.