What Does Your Birth Moon Reveal About Your Personality?

Similar to the sun signs of the zodiac, being born during a specific moon can say something about your personality.


What does yours reveal about your inner-most desires and deepest thoughts? Let’s find out!


Scroll down to find your birth moon and it’s special meaning.


January “Old Moon”


You understand the importance of compassion and you’re amazing at seeing other people’s points of view. Because of this everyone finds you loving and agreeable. People strive to have your sense of self awareness and your ability to think of unique and ingenious solutions to life’s hardest problems.


February “Storm Moon”


You go out of their way to create happiness in other people’s lives. You try your best to be fair to everyone and (as hard as it is sometimes) treat everyone with the kindness you wish to have given to you. Even when you’re let down you’re quick to forgive people who’ve wronged you!!


March “Sugar Moon”


You have a “sweet” soul! You take care for loved ones, don’t think you’re better than anyone else, and try to be kind in your day-to-day life. But don’t forget it’s important to show yourself some self-care so that you don’t burn out by putting others first.


April “Growing Moon”


You are a free-thinker who values their independence while still being aware and considerate of the people in your life. You feel emotions on a deep level without being overly sensitive: your mind and your heart are in perfect balance!!!

May “Flower Moon”

You’re naturally open-minded, fair, and non-judgemental. You accept and listen to others without being a pushover: you still have the strength to state your opinion and be your own person. You listen to both your heart AND your brain and you have an amazing balance of smarts and true emotions!

June “Honey Moon”

You’re not conceited or overly modest, you just accept who you are. You always try your best and give your all in all situations…you never “phone it in.” You have a realistic view of yourself and you’re proud of who you are and you’re never phony!

July “Mead Moon”

You strive to get along with others, are respected by friends and family, and hate to argue and fight. Though you keep other’s emotions in mind…you’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You’re comfortable in your own skin and you’re proud of who you are!!!

August “Lightning Moon”

You have nothing to prove so you don’t go out of your way to start arguments. You may disagree with others, but you like to do it on good terms. You always try to bring people together, and others notice this and love you for it!

September “Fruit Moon”

You try to get along with everyone and you have a natural inclination to be friendly and be around friendly people. You don’t try to force your own way, but when the situation calls for it, you’re not afraid of speaking up for yourself!

October “Travel Moon”

You have a fiery heart, but an even and calm mind. You act toward others the way you want them to act towards you! You prefer actions over words, and while you don’t go out of your way to attract trouble, you’re good at dealing with it when it comes your way.

November “Frost Moon”

You prefer to avoid arguments and disagreements BUT you have the backbone to stand up for what you believe in when it’s called for! You value friendships on a high level, and you would do anything to help friends and family!!

December “Winter Moon”

You’re rarely the one to start arguments or disagreements: you’d much prefer people find a productive way to work out issues. You don’t like to argue, but you are willing to stand up for yourself and you don’t change your mind when you know you’re right unless it’s for a good reason.

h/t VonVon